Finally, an easier way to sanitize PPE.

Disinfect and deodorize anything and everything with the natural power of ozone.

Who Uses the Fresh Gear RSS?

Any organization that needs to safely and effectively sanitize hard surface and soft goods.


Decontaminate and deodorize turnout gear, SCBA and other PPE.

Law Enforcement

Sanitize ballistic vests and tactical gear.

Government Agencies

Sanitize tactical gear, bomb suits and other protective gear.

Small sample of the companies and agencies sanitizing with Fresh Gear

rcmp uses fresh gear ozone sanitizing machines
security, usa, homeland security
montreal police uses fresh gear
us coast guard uses fresh gear
fbi uses fresh gear
city of toronto logo vector

Fresh Gear RSS Features and Benefits

fresh gear rss sanitizing machine

The Fresh Gear Rapid Sanitizing System is durable, adaptable and mobile. Leave it in the corner or move it to wear the action is. It’s your choice.

Simultaneously Dries

Only machine that DRIES AND SANITIZES simultaneously.


UV Ozone generation provides consistent ozone levels, even with damp gear.

At Your Fingertips

LCD touch screen with Variable Cycles Times (20 to 60 minutes) and Data Display. View machine use statistics instantly.


Password authentication enables authorization codes for machine operation.

Patented Process

Proprietary ozone destruction technology enables optimum ozone levels and greatest bacteria kill rates.

Easy to Use

No installation required. No tanks to fill or empty. No vents or drains.

Extensive Warranty

5 YEAR steel cabinet warranty, and 1 YEAR parts and labor warranty.

Trusted By the Pros

Same system used by Federal Bureau of Prisons, Atomic Energy Canada, U.S. and Canadian military bases, U.S. Coast Guard, and other first responder and government agencies.

Take a Closer Look

Tech Specs

Safety Features

fresh gear ozone cleaning machine

Meets CSA Standard SPE-1000-09 for electrical products.

Controls ozone generation, distribution, deactivation and monitors door. No flimsy circuit boards here.

Ensures that ozone has reverted back to oxygen before the doors can be opened by the operator. Meets OSHA and MOL requirements.

Door automatically locks during operation. Unit won’t operate without door sealed.

Leaves no room for leakage or corrosion.

EPDM seals around the single-sheet solid steel door.

Tech Specs


fresh gear ozone cleaning machine

33 cubic feet (60% greater than nearest competitor).

3 split and easily removable perforated stainless steel shelves enables multiple configurations and allows for a wide variety of different sized items.

Perforated stainless steel tubes help direct ozone with high velocity deep into the fabric of protective sports gear and PPE (optional).

If it fits in the Fresh Gear Cyclone it can be sanitized!

One full set of gear: Jacket, pants, boots, gloves, helmet

Tech Specs


fresh gear ozone cleaning machine

48″ width x 32″ depth x 64″ height (fits through standard 32″ door).

Approximately 500 lbs. 4″ Industrial Grade Locking Casters (for easy mobility).

Standard 110/120 volt, 8 amps, GFCI Plug.

1 year, full warranty on all parts and labor.

5 year warranty on steel cabinet.

Replace 2 UV lamp bulbs every 12 to 18 months and ozone deactivation module every 24 to 36 months.