The Fresh Gear Story

It started with ozone sanitizing technology to get the stink out of hockey gear and became an indispensable tool to eradicate deadly viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in PPE.

About Fresh Gear

Fresh Gear started in 2005 as an idea that developed into a proof of concept in the family garage of a home in Windsor, Ontario. The goal was to find a method to disinfect and deodorize hockey gear by killing the bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens that caused the stench. Of even greater importance was to address the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant infections within the sports community, like MRSA and c.difficile, that were emerging and leading to an alarming increase of serious injuries and deaths.

Within months, disinfecting, deodorizing and sanitizing with ozone became our sole focus. There was a growing body of scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that supported our thousands of hours of work in research and development, that ozone kills pathogens, pretty much all of them, when they come into contact.

Safely hidden away inside the sealed chamber of the Fresh Gear machine, we replicated the scientifically-proven and critical formula, of the right concentration of ozone, over the appropriate duration and delivered directly to the contamination source, resulting in the rapid eradication of up to 99.99% of germs.

Turns out that the best way to fight a nasty infection was to avoid getting it in the first place, by sanitizing your protective gear.

Since launching in 2005, an immense volume and variety of items have been sanitized with Fresh Gear machines at over 100 ozone sanitizing centers across North America. Treating this vast influx of:

  • hockey equipment, football pads, helmets, football gear, boxing gloves,
  • firefighter gear, bullet-proof police vests, tactical gear, medical equipment, 
  • baby strollers, dog beds, blankets, 
  • leather jackets, fur coats, 
  • helicopter seats (not just the covers…the seat itself!)

…has resulted in vast amounts of valuable insights and practical experience by taking the science discovered in the laboratories of the world and making practical applications by sanitizing a wide variety of materials, fabrics, and surfaces, tainted with a plethora of contaminants, such as:

  • Cat urine, skunk spray, garlic, cigarette and cigar smoke, smoke damaged goods from house fires, ammonia-laden sweaty stuff…

All of this incredibly diverse variety of items turned out to be a fantastic advantage and aided our R&D tremendously!

From our beginning, we realized we were not just building a machine, but also a reputation of trust and value. Strategically designed with customer replaceable components, many of the original Fresh Gear ozone sanitizing machines are still faithfully reporting for bacteria-busting duty every day.

Over the years, Fresh Gear ozone machines have been the trusted sanitizing equipment for the U.S. and Canadian government agencies in all branches of service, first responders including police, fire and EMT’s, corporate and industrial clients including General Motors, The Hershey Company, Bruce Power nuclear facilities, oil and gas refineries, Universities and colleges including Nebraska, Western, Guelph and Waterloo, and professional hockey teams in the NHL and other leagues.

Over the past 15 years, Fresh Gear has grown considerably and is now manufactured through our trusted partner, Accurate Metal Fabricating in Chicago, IL, who is fiercely proud of their talented and hard-working unionized workforce.

Developed in Canada, made in the USA, Fresh Gear ozone technology is here to address the ever-present need to eradicate known pathogen foes and the threat posed by newly emerging ones.

Stay healthy, be safe, and whenever you can, use Fresh Gear.