Unleash the unparalleled germ-killing power of ozone
with Fresh Gear!

Our patented process distributes optimum concentrations of ozone through strategically located piping to high-contact areas of your gear, eradicating germs on contact.

Defend against infections, eliminate odors, and maximize your confidence that the athletic gear designed to protect you, doesn’t bring you harm.

Originally designed to meet the tough challenge of cleaning hockey gear, customers quickly realized we could also get the smell out of:

  • lacrosse gear
  • tactical gear
  • turnout gear
  • racing suits
  • mascot costumes

And also remove odors from:

  • skates
  • fur coats
  • leather jackets
  • helmets
  • hunting gear
  • wet suits
  • goalie gear
  • boots and shoes

We also get the stink out of industrial PPE, SCBA masks, prosthetics, stuffed toys and other items contaminated with pet urine, mold, diesel fuel, cigarette smoke and even skunk spray!

Find an ozone sanitizing center near you.

Not all locations offer sanitizing services.
Please contact service location in advance.

Click on the video to unmute and hear what "Connor" has to say about using Fresh Gear Sanitizing Services for his Hockey Gear.

The Best Way to Sanitize Hockey Equipment

It can be a real challenge sanitizing  and deodorizing hockey equipment. Let Fresh Gear chemical-free sanitizing services do it for you!

Protect yourself from viral and bacterial infections, and wipe out the stench at the source.

How Effective is Our Process?

Bacteria growth is highest and hardest to reach on the inside surfaces of protective equipment, such as the inside of hockey gloves and skates, where bacteria levels over 100 times greater than exterior surfaces can be found. Scraped and cut hands enter the hockey gloves unprotected, resulting in high risk of infection.

The independent lab tests below show the amazing results after just one treatment with Fresh Gear’s patented ozone sanitizing machine.

fresh gear ozone cleaning lab test results

Hockey Gear Sanitizing Service Pricing*

Many Fresh Gear operators offer team discounts and mobile services. Contact the Fresh Gear ozone sanitizing center near you to confirm available services and prices.

Full Set of

Hockey Equipment
$ 30

Full set of

Goalie Equipment
$ 40

One pair of

Skates, shoes, or boots
$ 10
sanitizing sports equipment for teams

Athletic Gear Sanitizing for Teams

When you focus on the athlete’s health, they can focus on the game. Fresh Gear athletic gear sanitizing service operators often provide volume discounts and on-site services specifically designed for sports teams, groups, schools, organizations and tournaments.

Please contact your nearest Fresh Gear sanitizing service provider for availability of the services described above.