It's not your game that stinks...It's your gear!

Players of all ages need to regularly clean their hockey equipment. Fresh Gear gets the smell out of hockey gear by sanitizing with the natural power of ozone. 

The most eco friendly and environmentally sustainable cleaning process on the planet. 100% green cleaning.

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how to clean hockey equipment

It only takes 1...

Out on the ice, you’re a warrior. Your dedication fuels this game. Your team’s counting on you, every shift.

But infections ain’t part of the game plan. Don’t let ’em bench you.

Stay strong, own that rink, and keep playing.

Why Hockey Players Need Fresh Gear

Infection Prevention

Hockey players come into close contact with various contaminated surfaces during games. Regular gear sanitization helps prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens that can lead to infections, ensuring players stay healthy and on the ice.

Fast and Effective Process

The intense physicality of hockey leads to sweat accumulation, which leads to bacteria build-up, mold and nasty gear. Regular sanitizing not only eliminates germs but also maintains gear integrity, functionality, and performance.

Routine Dry Sanitizing Keeps You Ready for Action

Just like underwear, sweaty hockey gear needs regular cleaning. In reality, many find the 4-hour washing and drying procedure too cumbersome and time consuming. Dry sanitizing is easy and practical between full cleaning periods.

how to clean hockey gear

This is Where Fresh Gear Comes In

Powerful Sanitizing

Fresh Gear kills up to 99.99% of pathogens including MRSA (staph), HIV, hepatitis, H1N1, MERS, SARS and other viruses, neutralizes carcinogens and removes odors from your hockey gear.

Full Hockey Gear Cleaning

Place all the hockey equipment (helmet, gloves, skates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards and pants) in the Fresh Gear machine for 30 minutes. The gear comes out drier, sanitized and ready to wear again.

Maintain Protective Gear Performance

Regularly using the Fresh Gear Cyclone System extends the life of hockey equipment by neutralizing the contaminants that erode your gear over time.

Why Gear Stink Matters

Smelly gear indicates the presence of bacteria and fungi that can lead to infections or skin issues. Prioritizing clean gear helps maintain players’ overall health and reduces the risk of skin infections.

Fresh Gear, Always Ready

fresh gear rss sanitizing machine

The Fresh Gear Rapid Sanitizing System is durable, adaptable and mobile. Leave it in the corner or move it to wear the action is. It’s your choice. No special hookups, drains or vents are required. It is totally self-contained.

Never Wet

Traditional washing leaves your gear wet and takes hours to dry out.

Never Gone

Sending your gear out for cleaning leaves it unavailable for game play.

Simultaneously Dries

Fresh Gear dries damp hockey gear while simultaneously disinfecting and deodorizing.

Retail Services

Sports stores and hockey shops leverage services to attract and keep customers shopping in the store. Fresh Gear fits perfectly.

Save Money

Extend the life of your hockey equipment by killing bacteria inside and reducing moisture.

Easy to Use

No special hookups or installation. No consumables to fill or empty. Just plug into the wall and your sanitizing hockey gear.