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How Rihanna Keeps Her Kicks Spotless: How to Clean Salomon Shoes

When the stage ignited with pulsating energy during the Super Bowl halftime show this year, Rihanna effortlessly commanded the moment.

Sporting an exclusive ensemble adorned by the crimson allure of limited-edition Salomon Speedcross Low X Maison Margiela MM6 trail shoes.

These shoes, a mesmerizing collaboration between trail conqueror Salomon and the esteemed French atelier Maison Margiela, elegantly inherit the DNA of Salomon’s iconic Speedcross design.

A moment that is a little out of reach for almost everyone.

But in one sense, Rihanna is just like the rest of us.

She knows there’s nothing that can replace the comfort of a well-broken-in pair of shoes. No matter how many new pairs she could easily afford, she’s often spotted strutting her stuff in her favorite pair of worn-in Salomon Shoes.

But let’s be real. She’s not doing the dirty work here…her squad is.

Whose job it is to ensure that Rihanna’s favored pair maintains its top-tier condition, even after countless outings. Tasked with the mission to extend the life and maintain the aesthetic of her favorite pair of kicks, they employ some of the tips and tricks we’ve shared below.

And so, even though these shoes walk red carpets and recording studios alike, they remain as comfortably worn-in as when they first met Rihanna’s feet.

A testament to the fact that whether you’re a pop superstar or an everyday Joe, nothing beats the charm and comfort of a favorite, well-cared-for pair of shoes.

As we imagine how Rihanna herself might put it…

Alright, y’all, get ready for a little sneak peek behind the scenes as I spill the tea on how I keep my Salomon Shoes lookin’ fresher than my chart-topping hits.

We’re about to dive into some serious cleanin’ wisdom, so get ready to step into a world of spotless perfection!

Why Do I Need To Clean Salomon Shoes?

You know what every mama says, babes: “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

And guess what? That rule applies to Salomon Shoes too.

It’s not just about impressing your crew with your hygiene game, it’s about keepin’ those kicks kickin’ for longer.

‘Cause let me tell ya, even the tiniest speck of dirt can play dirty, scratchin’ away at your shoes and wearin’ ’em down bit by bit.

So, let’s keep ’em clean and rock ’em fresh, darlin’.

Can I Wash Salomon Shoes in a Washing Machine?

Well, in the world of Salomon Shoes, the washing machine is a bit like the Wild West.

It’s possible to do, sure, but it comes with risks – like potentially damaging the shoes’ material or altering their shape.

It’s not for the faint of heart. But if you’re feeling like a “Rebel Without a Cause,” go ahead and give it a try – but remember, we warned you.

Can I Dry Salomon Shoes in a Dryer?

I hear you asking, “If I can wash my Salomon Shoes in a washing machine, surely I can dry them in a dryer, right?”

Well, cowboy, “Take A Bow” because your logic is spot on!

But unfortunately, drying your Salomon Shoes in a dryer can lead to shrinking, warping, or damaging the rubber and adhesive.

As Rihanna would say, you need to “Wait Your Turn” and let them air dry.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Salomon Shoes at Home?

Cleaning your Salomon Shoes at home doesn’t need to be as complicated as rocket science.

All you need is a soft bristle brush, a touch of mild soap, and some warm water.

Start by removing loose dirt, then gently scrub the shoes using the soap-water mixture.

Rinse them and let them air dry.

Voila! You’ve got yourself a sparkling pair of Salomon Shoes.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Ways To Clean Salomon Shoes

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method Description
Baking Soda and Vinegar This combination is a safe, natural alternative to commercial cleaning products. Baking soda and vinegar can lift stains and deodorize your shoes.
Lemon Juice The natural acidity in lemons makes it a great cleaning agent. Lemon juice can help remove stains and is especially effective for brightening white shoes.
Mild Soap A gentle, biodegradable soap can effectively clean your shoes and is less harmful to the environment than harsh detergents. Remember to use only as much as you need to minimize waste.
Eco-Friendly Detergents If you prefer using a commercial cleaner, opt for an eco-friendly detergent that’s free from harmful chemicals and biodegradable.
Air Dry Instead of using energy-consuming machines to dry your shoes, consider air-drying them instead. This not only saves energy but also is gentler on your shoes.
Recycle Water If you want an extra gold star in your sustainability award cabinet, use grey water (used household water) for the cleaning process. This helps to conserve water.

Commercial Cleaning Products to Clean Your On Clouds

Are you a busy bee with little time for DIY cleaning solutions? Fear not!

There are plenty of commercial cleaning products that are safe to use on your Salomon Shoes.

But remember, when picking one, make sure to read the instructions carefully – each product is a unique beast with its own rules.

Cleaning your running shoes effectively can often be done using common household items, but there are also commercial cleaning products designed specifically for shoes.

Here are some recommendations (no affiliate links, just helpfulness):

Product Name Description Key Ingredients/Features
Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner High-quality, biodegradable cleaner that’s safe for all colors and materials. Comes with a soft-bristle brush. Biodegradable, safe for all materials
Crep Protect Cure Shoe Cleaning Travel Kit Includes a premium hair brush, cleaning solution, and microfiber cloth. Designed to clean deeply without affecting the look, feel, or performance of your shoes. Water, coconut extracts, jojoba
SneakERASERS Instant Sole and Sneaker Cleaner Convenient, pre-moistened scrubbing pads that require no water. Perfect for spot cleaning and removing tough stains. Pre-moistened scrubbing pads
Sof Sole Instant Cleaner Foaming cleaner designed for athletic shoes and sneakers. Comes with a brush cap for easy scrubbing. Foaming cleaner, comes with brush cap
Reshoevn8r Shoe & Sneaker Cleaner Uses natural, plant-based soaps to remove dirt and stains without damaging shoes. Safe for all materials. Plant-based soaps, safe for all materials

It’s important to note that while these products are generally safe for all materials, you should always test a small, unnoticeable area first to ensure it won’t discolor or damage your shoes.

Can You Clean Salomon Shoes with Soap?

Can you cook pasta with tomato sauce? Of course, you can!

Soap is like the classic seasoning for cleaning, and your Salomon Shoes are the main dish.

But be cautious: mild soap is your best bet to avoid damaging your shoes.

Can You Use Baking Soda to Clean Salomon Shoes?

If you thought baking soda was just for baking, then buckle up, because you’re about to learn something new!

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent for your Salomon Shoes.

It’s gentle, effective, and will leave your shoes smelling fresher than a loaf of freshly baked bread.

Can I Clean My Salomon Shoes with Vinegar?

Vinegar isn’t just for pickles anymore, folks.

Mix one part vinegar with two parts water for a powerful cleaning solution.

Just make sure to rinse your Salomon Shoes thoroughly afterward, unless you want to smell like a salad.

Can I Clean My White Salomon Shoes with Bleach?

Hold it right there!

Using bleach on your Salomon Shoes is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

It’s just overkill.

Instead, try some gentle soap and warm water.

Your shoes – and your nose – will thank you.

Can You Use Baby Wipes on Salomon Shoes?

Here’s a surprising fact: baby wipes aren’t just for babies anymore (not sure they ever were…).

They can be used to quickly clean the surface of your Salomon Shoes.

But remember, baby wipes are more of a band-aid solution.

They won’t replace a good, thorough cleaning.

How Do You Clean the Insoles of Salomon Shoes?

Insoles may be hidden, but they deserve love too!

Remove them from your Salomon Shoes and gently scrub with a soft brush and mild soap.

Rinse, pat dry, and let them air dry completely before reinserting.

Trust me, your feet will notice the difference.

3 Fun Facts About Salomon Shoes

  1. Salomon Shoes were originally designed for mountain sports – but they’ve found fans far beyond the peaks!
  2. They’re famous for their unique quicklace system – so you won’t be tripping over untied laces even if you find yourself “Dancing In The Dark.”
  3. And lastly, Salomon Shoes aren’t just practical – they’re stylish too. Even celebrities like Rihanna have been spotted rocking a pair!


Are Salomon Shoes Waterproof?

Salomon Shoes are like the superheroes of the shoe world, armed with water-resistant powers.

But remember, they’re resistant, not entirely waterproof.

They can handle a splash here or there, but I wouldn’t suggest wearing them during a monsoon.

Can You Use Toothpaste to Clean Salomon Shoes?

As crazy as it may sound, toothpaste can be a sneaky-good cleaning agent for your Salomon Shoes.

But remember, it should be non-gel, white toothpaste.

We’re aiming for clean shoes here, not minty fresh ones!

Can I Clean Salomon Shoes with Lysol Wipes?

Lysol wipes to the rescue!

These handy wipes are a great way to give your Salomon Shoes a quick surface clean.

Just remember, Lysol wipes are for the ‘I just stepped in a muddy puddle’ moments, not deep cleans.

However, if you find yourself in an “SOS” situation with dirty shoes, these wipes are your best friends.

Can I Wash Salomon Shoes in a Dishwasher?

Ah, the dishwasher – the lazy person’s dream.

Unfortunately, using it to clean your Salomon Shoes could turn into a nightmare.

The heat and harsh detergent can harm your shoes.

Stick to hand washing – your shoes will appreciate the personal touch.

How Do I Get the Stink Out of My Salomon Shoes?

Nobody wants their Salomon Shoes to smell like they’ve run a marathon…in the sweltering summer heat…uphill.

That would indeed make you feel like you’re “Under my Umbrella” on a rainy day.

But here’s a little “Rude Boy” solution for you.

A sprinkle of baking soda inside your shoes might do the trick.

Just let it sit overnight and shake out the excess in the morning.

If that doesn’t work and you need professional deodorizing to “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” again, checkout the Fresh Gear sanitizing centers.

How Often Do You Wash Salomon Shoes?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, folks.

It depends on how often you wear your Salomon Shoes and what you put them through.

But as a rule of thumb, giving them a thorough cleaning every few weeks should keep them looking as good as “Fresh Off The Runway.”

How Can I Keep My Laces Clean?

Your laces might be small, but they can pack a lot of dirt.

Remove them from your Salomon Shoes and give them a good soak in warm soapy water.

Rinse them, pat them dry, and let them air dry.

Then, lace them back up, and you’re ready to “Work, work, work, work, work” in style!

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