Sanitize PPE naturally, with the power of ozone

Proven sanitizing technology used by government agencies across the USA and Canada.

Chemical-free ozone sanitizing technology for professionals

fresh gear cyclone sanitizing machine

Ozone Sanitizing Machine ​PRO Series

fresh gear cyclone sanitizing machine

Sanitize and deodorize hockey equipment and other protective sports gear with our patented ozone dry sanitizing machine. Trusted by hundreds of schools, sports stores and sanitizing service providers throughout 9 countries.

Ozone Sanitizing Machine AGENCY Series

fresh gear rss sanitizing machine

Sanitize and deodorize turnout gear, tactical gear and industrial PPE with the Fresh Gear RSS. Trusted by fire, law enforcement, first responders and other government agencies in the USA, Canada and overseas.

fresh gear rss sanitizing machine

Trusted by the professionals

See how the pros use Fresh Gear ozone sanitizing machines. 

clean hockey gear locations

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ozone sanitizing power

Absolute Safest Ways to Use Ozone

Since 2005, we have researched, developed and patented ozone sanitizing technology for our clients in professional sports, universities, firefighters, law enforcement, industrial and manufacturing facilities,

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