Police Officers Came to the Rescue

These Police Officers Came to the Rescue

Policing as a whole is under fire lately.

For sure there have been a number of individuals that have tarnished the badge and dishonored the profession with their bad actions.

But that is no different than any other profession.

There will always be a few bad apples in the bunch.

This article is about accentuating the positives.

Police officers around the world save lives every day!

In a year when police officers faced a lot of criticism, here are six times when police officers came to the rescue!

Pensacola police officers save drowning girl

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“Please hurry!”

When police in Florida responded to a possible drowning situation it seemed like it was too late.

The three-year-old girl pulled from the backyard pool looked blue and she wasn’t breathing.

Pensacola police officers worked together to try to revive the child.

One pats her on the back while the other prepares a defibrillator then they see signs of life.

“She’s moving tell him we got a pulse!”

…but the job wasn’t done.

They still had to try to get the water out of her lungs.

“oh. okay, okay.
Breathe for me.
Breathe for me.
Come on baby…”

The officers worked on the child until an ambulance could come to take her to a hospital but police say the child has made a full recovery!

Police rescue 3-week-old baby who stopped breathing

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“Hey, what’s going on with the baby?”

A Michigan Family called for help after their three-week-old baby stopped breathing.

The infant was choking and officer Cameron Maciejewski arrived just in time.

He started performing back blows as the child’s mother was panicking.

“Yes! There you go. Okay, he’s crying, he’s crying, okay?
He’s crying. Hey, it’s okay. He’s crying.”

When the baby started crying they knew everything was going to be all right.

Despite the chaotic scene, this cop kept his cool.

“I attribute all that to all the training that I received.

If I start freaking out or if I can’t handle myself or maintain my cool then that just escalates everything for the family.”

Police save a woman from burning car

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“Is anybody in there?
Who’s in there? Who’s in there?”

When a police officer came upon an overturned car on fire with the driver inside he knew he had to act quickly.

Officer Fang Lye’s body camera captured the whole scary encounter in Davis California.

When he sees the woman he calls for her to get out.

“Get out right now! Hurry get out!”

When Lye was able to get a hold of her he grabbed the woman by her wrists and dragged her to safety.

No one was seriously injured.

Police officers save man from a burning house

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Body cameras show how officers saved a man from a burning house in California

“It’s super bad. Super bad.”

When they arrived on the scene in Grass Valley cops were told a person was trapped inside and the fire was spreading.

Officers started calling out to the man from the outside…

“Police Department! Anyone in here?

His name is Corey.


…but no response.

The smoke was too thick inside for cops to see anything.

An officer decided to go around to another door of the house.

He heard nothing but this time he SAW something.

“Go get the medics!”

The man was unconscious because of smoke exposure.

He was treated at a local hospital and recovered.

Cops rescue man trapped under his car

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“You have a jack?”

When cops in Mesa Arizona responded to help a man trapped under his car they knew time was of the essence.

Devin Haycock says the jack collapsed while he was fixing his wife’s car in their driveway.

“The car was sitting there crushing my chest. I had just enough room to get small little breaths.”

Without a jack the officers used all of their force to lift the car up just enough so Devin could roll out from under it.

“It was the first time for both of us to be in anything like that,” said the officers, “so we just knew we had to act fast and basically solve this problem to pull him out.”

Their effort paid off and Devin was able to escape!

And his wife set a new ground rule…

“I told him he’s not allowed to get underneath the car EVER again. Never, never again

Officer saves man in wheelchair seconds from death

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“His wheels are stuck on the tracks!
Trying to get them out!

Come on!! Can you get up?!?”

A police officer in California had only seconds to save a man from an oncoming train after his wheelchair got stuck on the train tracks.

Body cam from Lodi police officer Erica Orea shows her arriving at the scene and running from her patrol car.

She asks him if he can get up but with the train approaching fast the officer pulled him from the wheelchair out of the train’s path!

They both fell to the ground just as the train came barreling through.

They were both safe but she called for an ambulance to treat the man for minor leg injuries.

Police officers are saving lives everywhere.

We thank you and salute you 🙂

Keep up the great work!

You can watch each of these incredible police rescues here…

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