When Does The Hockey Playoffs Start

The Hockey Playoffs usually start in April, but the exact start date can vary from year to year. Here are five supporting facts to further explain the start of the Hockey Playoffs:
1. Regular Season: The Hockey Playoffs start after the regular season ends. The regular season typically runs from October to April, with each team playing 82 games.

2. Playoff Qualification: To participate in the Playoffs, teams must qualify by finishing in the top positions of their respective divisions or by earning a Wild Card spot based on their conference standings.

3. Seeding: Once the regular season concludes, teams are seeded based on their performance throughout the season. The higher a team’s seeding, the more favorable matchup they receive in the Playoffs.

4. Play-In Round: In some years, the Playoffs may feature a Play-In Round, where lower-seeded teams compete for a spot in the main Playoffs. This round adds an extra layer of excitement and gives more teams the opportunity to compete for the championship.

5. Final Start Date: The exact start date for the Hockey Playoffs is announced by the league closer to the end of the regular season. It depends on various factors such as scheduling, TV coverage, and any necessary coordination with other major sporting events.


1. Why do the Hockey Playoffs start in April?
The Playoffs start in April because it allows the regular season to conclude and gives teams enough time to rest and prepare for the intense competition of the postseason.

2. Can any team participate in the Hockey Playoffs?
No, only the teams that qualify based on their performances throughout the regular season can participate in the Playoffs. The top teams from each division and the Wild Card teams from each conference get to compete.

3. Are the teams re-seeded after each round in the Playoffs?
Yes, teams are re-seeded after each round based on their performance in the previous round. This ensures that the best performing teams get a more favorable matchup in the subsequent rounds.

4. What happens if a team doesn’t make it to the Playoffs?
If a team doesn’t make it to the Playoffs, their season comes to an end. They have to wait until the next season to play competitive hockey again.

5. Can the Playoffs start earlier or later than April?
Yes, there have been instances where the Playoffs start earlier or later than April. This can happen if there are unforeseen circumstances like lockouts, scheduling conflicts, or other league-related decisions.

6. How many teams from each conference make it to the Playoffs?
In the National Hockey League (NHL), 16 teams make it to the Playoffs each season. Eight teams from each conference (Eastern and Western) qualify based on their regular season performance.

7. Can there be multiple games played on the same day during the Playoffs?
Yes, during the Playoffs, there can be multiple games played on the same day. This allows fans to enjoy the excitement of different matchups and gives the league more opportunity for TV coverage and revenue.

The start of the Hockey Playoffs usually occurs in April after the conclusion of the regular season. Fans eagerly await the playoffs as they showcase the best teams competing for the championship. The exact start date is determined by the league and depends on various factors.