When Does Regular Season Hockey Start

Answer: The regular season of hockey typically starts in early October. Here are 5 supporting facts:
1. NHL Regular Season: In the National Hockey League (NHL), the regular season usually begins in the first week of October.
2. Preseason Games: Prior to the regular season, teams play a series of preseason games to prepare for the upcoming season. Preseason games begin in mid-September.
3. International Competitions: Some leagues and tournaments, such as the World Cup of Hockey and the Champions Hockey League, might take place before the regular NHL season starts.
4. Minor Leagues: Other professional minor leagues, like the American Hockey League (AHL) or the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), also usually begin their regular seasons in October.
5. College and Junior Leagues: Various college hockey leagues and junior leagues, like the NCAA or the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), often start their regular seasons in September or October as well.


1. Q: Can the regular season start earlier than October?
A: Yes, on rare occasions the NHL regular season can start a few days earlier if there are special events or international games scheduled.

2. Q: Is the regular season the same length for every team in the NHL?
A: Yes, each NHL team plays an 82-game regular season schedule, regardless of the location or division they belong to.

3. Q: Are there any breaks or interruptions during the regular season?
A: Yes, there is a break around mid-January called the All-Star break, when the NHL All-Star Game takes place. Additionally, there is a break for the Winter Olympic Games every four years (if NHL players participate).

4. Q: When does the regular season end?
A: The regular season normally ends in April. The exact date can vary slightly each year, depending on the number of games and the league’s schedule.

5. Q: Do all teams have an equal number of home and away games?
A: Yes, in the NHL, each team has 41 home games and 41 away games throughout the regular season, playing a total of 82 games.

6. Q: Can regular season games go into overtime?
A: Yes, if a regular season game is tied after regulation time (three 20-minute periods), it goes into overtime, with the team scoring first winning the game. If no goal is scored in overtime, the game proceeds to a shootout to determine the winner.

7. Q: Do all hockey leagues around the world start their regular season at the same time?
A: No, hockey leagues around the world have different start dates for their regular seasons. While many leagues start around the same time as the NHL, others might begin earlier or later, depending on regional factors.

BOTTOM LINE: The regular season of hockey typically starts in early October, with the NHL leading the way. However, there may be some variations in start dates for other hockey leagues and special events. Each team plays an 82-game schedule, with breaks for the All-Star Game and potential Olympic participation.