When Does Nhl Hockey Season Start

When Does NHL Hockey Season Start?
The NHL hockey season typically starts in early October, but the exact date can vary from year to year.

Supporting Facts:
1. Tradition: The NHL has a long-standing tradition of starting their regular season in early October, often around the first week of the month.
2. Preseason Games: Prior to the regular season, NHL teams engage in a series of preseason games to prepare for the upcoming season. These games usually take place in September.
3. Training Camp: NHL teams hold training camps in the month of September, where players participate in various drills and exhibitions to get in shape and showcase their skills before the start of the season.
4. Regular Season Duration: The NHL regular season typically spans for 82 games per team, starting in early October and running through early April. Each team plays against other teams in their division, conference, and the opposing conference.
5. Playoff Timing: The NHL playoffs, which follow the regular season, usually begin in mid-April, making early October the ideal start time for the regular season to allow sufficient time for the playoffs.


1. When will the NHL hockey season start this year?
– The exact start date can vary from year to year, so it is best to check the NHL’s official website or news sources for the most up-to-date information.

2. Has the NHL ever postponed the start of the season?
– In certain circumstances, such as lockouts, labor disputes, or global emergencies (like the COVID-19 pandemic), the NHL has postponed or modified the start of the season. These instances are not common but can happen.

3. Why does the NHL start in October?
– October is considered the start of the fall season and is a traditional time for the beginning of many sports leagues. It allows teams to have training camps, preseason games, and ample time to prepare for the rigorous 82-game regular season.

4. How are the NHL regular season schedules determined?
– The NHL regular season schedule is determined by the league’s schedule makers, who consider various factors such as travel logistics, division rivalries, and other league events to create an equitable schedule for all teams.

5. Are there any international games at the start of the NHL season?
– In some years, the NHL has organized special games in international locations to promote the league globally. These games typically take place in early October, giving fans in other countries the opportunity to experience NHL hockey firsthand.

6. How long does the NHL regular season last?
– The NHL regular season spans for approximately six months, starting in early October and ending in early April. Each team plays 82 games during this period.

7. When does the NHL All-Star Game occur during the regular season?
– The NHL All-Star Game typically takes place during late January or early February, usually around the midpoint of the regular season. The exact date can vary each year.

The NHL hockey season typically starts in early October, allowing players to participate in training camps and preseason games before embarking on the rigorous 82-game regular season. The exact start date may vary each year, so staying up to date with official NHL announcements is essential for fans.