When Does Hockey Start Again

Answer: Hockey usually starts again in the early fall, following a brief offseason. Here are 5 supporting facts:
1. NHL regular season: The National Hockey League (NHL), the premier professional ice hockey league, typically starts its regular season in early October. This marks the official return of hockey for many fans around the world.

2. Preseason games: Prior to the start of the regular season, teams participate in preseason games. These exhibition matches help the players and coaching staff prepare for the upcoming season by allowing them to fine-tune their skills and assess their roster. Preseason games usually begin in late September.

3. Training camp: Before the preseason games commence, teams hold training camps to evaluate their players and make necessary adjustments to their lineup. Training camp generally starts a few weeks before the preseason games begin.

4. International competitions: Some hockey leagues, like the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in Russia, start their regular season slightly earlier than the NHL. Additionally, international tournaments, such as the World Cup of Hockey or the IIHF World Championship, often take place prior to the NHL season, showcasing top players from around the world.

5. Junior and college hockey: In the United States and Canada, junior hockey leagues and college hockey seasons usually begin in September or early October. These developmental leagues serve as training grounds for young players looking to progress to higher levels of hockey.


1. Q: When exactly does the NHL regular season begin?
A: The start date of the NHL regular season varies slightly each year, but it typically falls between the first week of October and mid-October.

2. Q: Are preseason games open to the public?
A: Yes, preseason games are open to the public, providing an opportunity for fans to see their favorite teams in action before the official start of the regular season.

3. Q: How long does the training camp usually last?
A: Training camps generally last two to three weeks, allowing teams to assess their players and make final roster decisions before the preseason games begin.

4. Q: Do all hockey leagues around the world start at the same time?
A: No, different leagues have different start dates. While the NHL typically starts in early October, other leagues may start a few weeks earlier or later.

5. Q: Can I watch international hockey tournaments before the NHL season begins?
A: Yes, tournaments like the World Cup of Hockey or the IIHF World Championship often take place before the NHL season starts, providing fans with an opportunity to watch high-stakes international competitions.

6. Q: Are there any exhibition games played between NHL teams before the regular season?
A: Yes, teams often participate in exhibition games against other NHL teams during the preseason to help assess their roster and test different tactics.

7. Q: Do all teams have the same length of preseason and training camp?
A: While the duration of preseason and training camp can vary slightly from team to team, they generally follow similar timeframes to ensure teams have adequate preparation before the regular season commences.

BOTTOM LINE: Hockey fans can expect the start of the NHL regular season and other hockey leagues around the world to take place in early October. Prior to this, teams participate in preseason games and training camps to prepare for the upcoming season. Additionally, international tournaments and junior/college hockey seasons often begin beforehand, providing fans with hockey action before the NHL returns.