When Does Hockey Regular Season Start

The hockey regular season typically starts in early October and continues until early April. Here are 5 supporting facts:
1. Consistent start date: Over the years, the NHL has maintained a fairly consistent start date for the regular season, usually around the first week of October.
2. Preseason preparation: The regular season start date allows teams to have a few weeks of preseason training camp and exhibition games to prepare for the upcoming season.
3. Scheduling considerations: The NHL takes into account various factors when determining the regular season start date, such as venue availability, travel logistics, and ensuring teams have an adequate amount of time to rest after the previous season.
4. Opening night ceremonies: The start of the regular season is often celebrated with special opening night ceremonies, including player introductions, national anthems, and sometimes even special performances.
5. Season length: The regular season typically spans around six months, providing teams with ample opportunity to compete for playoff spots and establish themselves in the standings.


1. Q: Does the regular season start at the same time every year?
A: While the start date is generally in early October, it can vary slightly depending on various factors, such as labor negotiations or special events.

2. Q: Are there any preseason games played before the regular season?
A: Yes, teams usually play a few preseason games to fine-tune their strategies, evaluate their roster, and allow players to get back into game shape.

3. Q: Are there any special events on the opening night of the regular season?
A: Yes, the opening night of the regular season often includes special ceremonies and festivities to mark the start of a new season.

4. Q: How many games are typically played in a hockey regular season?
A: In the NHL, teams play 82 games each in the regular season, with a balanced schedule against various opponents.

5. Q: Is there a break during the regular season, like in other sports?
A: While there is no mid-season break like in some other sports, teams do get a short break around the holiday season, usually for a few days.

6. Q: Do all teams start their regular season on the same day?
A: No, the regular season schedule is spread out over the course of a few days, with different teams playing their first game on different dates.

7. Q: How are regular season schedules determined?
A: The regular season schedule is determined through a complex process, taking into account various factors such as arena availability, travel logistics, and team rivalries.

The hockey regular season generally starts in early October and lasts for about six months, with teams playing 82 games each. While the start date can vary slightly, the NHL aims to maintain consistency and provides teams with ample preseason preparation time. The opening night of the regular season is often celebrated with special ceremonies, and teams have a short break around the holiday season. The regular season schedule is carefully planned, considering factors like venue availability and team rivalries.