What Hockey Team Throws Fish On The Ice

The hockey team that throws fish on the ice is the Nashville Predators. Here are five supporting facts:
1. Tradition: The tradition of throwing fish on the ice during Nashville Predators games started in the late 1990s when the team was trying to establish a unique identity and engage its fans.
2. Origin: The tradition was inspired by Detroit Red Wings fans who used to throw octopuses onto the ice during playoff games. The Predators decided to adopt a similar tradition but with fish found in Tennessee waters.
3. Catfish: The fish most commonly thrown on the ice during Predators games is the catfish. It has become a symbol of the team and its fan base.
4. Home games: The fish throwing usually happens during home games at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Fans smuggle the fish into the arena and wait for the perfect moment to toss them onto the ice.
5. Playoff success: The throwing of fish has become even more frequent during the playoffs when the Predators have experienced significant success. It has become a way for fans to show their enthusiasm and support for the team.


1. Is throwing fish on the ice safe?
– Yes, the Nashville Predators organization takes measures to ensure the safety of players and officials. The fish are thrown after play has stopped, and arena staff quickly remove them from the ice.
2. Are there any penalties for throwing fish?
– While the act of throwing fish has not been penalized specifically, fans who engage in disruptive behavior may be ejected from the arena or face other consequences.
3. Can anyone participate in fish throwing?
– Generally, any fan attending a Nashville Predators home game can participate in fish throwing. However, it is important to respect the rules and guidelines set by the team and the arena.
4. What is the significance of the catfish?
– The catfish has become a symbol of Nashville Predators hockey, representing the team’s resilience and determination. The tradition has brought the community together and created a unique identity for the franchise.
5. How do fans smuggle fish into the arena?
– Fans have come up with creative ways to smuggle fish into the arena, such as hiding them in coolers, backpacks, or even under their clothes. It is important to note that the team’s guidelines should be followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Nashville Predators hockey team is known for its unique tradition of throwing fish on the ice during home games. This practice has become a cherished part of the team’s identity and has helped create a strong bond between the franchise and its fans. While it may seem unusual to outsiders, it is a display of enthusiasm and support for the team. As long as it is done responsibly and within the guidelines of the organization, fish throwing adds an exciting and memorable element to the Predators’ games.