What Channels Are Hockey Games On

Answer: Hockey games are broadcast on various channels depending on the league and the region. Here are five important facts about channels that air hockey games:
Fact 1: NHL games are primarily broadcast on NBC and its affiliates, including NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).
Fact 2: In Canada, the main channel for NHL games is Sportsnet, with selected games also airing on CBC and TSN.
Fact 3: Some NHL games may also be aired on regional sports networks (RSNs) like MSG Network, NESN, or Fox Sports.
Fact 4: AHL games, the main developmental league for the NHL, can often be found on local RSNs or streaming platforms such as AHL TV.
Fact 5: International hockey tournaments, including the Olympics and the IIHF World Championship, are usually broadcast on national sports networks like ESPN or CBC.


1. Can I watch NHL games without cable?
Answer: Yes, you can watch NHL games without cable by subscribing to streaming services like NHL.tv, ESPN+, or Sling TV, which give you access to live games.

2. How can I watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
Answer: The Stanley Cup Playoffs are usually broadcast on NBC and NBCSN in the United States. In Canada, games are shown on Sportsnet, CBC, and TVA Sports.

3. Are there any free options to watch hockey games?
Answer: Some networks offer free streaming of select hockey games on their websites or apps. Additionally, some games may be available for free on local over-the-air channels.

4. Where can I watch college hockey games?
Answer: College hockey games are often broadcast on college-specific networks, regional sports networks, or streaming platforms like ESPN+ or CBS Sports.

5. Are there any channels dedicated specifically to hockey?
Answer: Yes, in Canada, the NHL Network is dedicated solely to hockey programming. This channel provides extensive coverage of NHL games, documentaries, and analysis.

6. Can I watch international hockey competitions in the United States?
Answer: Yes, most international hockey competitions are available for viewers in the United States on national sports networks like ESPN or NBC Sports.

7. Are hockey games available for streaming on mobile devices?
Answer: Yes, most major sports networks and streaming services have dedicated apps that allow you to stream hockey games on your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Hockey games can be found on various channels depending on the league and the region. Whether you prefer cable, streaming services, or over-the-air broadcasts, there are plenty of options available to catch your favorite hockey team in action.