Is Fighting Allowed In Hockey

Answer: Yes, fighting is allowed in hockey.
Supporting Facts:
1. Tradition: Fighting has been a part of hockey culture for centuries, dating back to the early days of the sport.
2. Entertainment value: Fighting adds excitement and intensity to the game, attracting fans and keeping them engaged.
3. Enforcer role: Many teams have players specifically designated as enforcers, whose primary role is to engage in physical confrontations and protect their teammates.
4. Self-policing: In a fast-paced, physical game like hockey, fights serve as a way to deter dirty plays and enforce the rules on the ice.
5. Emotional release: Hockey is a highly emotional sport, and fighting can serve as a cathartic outlet for players.


1. Why is fighting allowed in hockey?

Answer: Fighting is allowed in hockey because it is deeply rooted in the sport’s history, adds entertainment value, serves a self-policing purpose, and provides an emotional release for players.

2. Are there any rules governing fighting in hockey?

Answer: Yes, there are rules in place to regulate fighting. Players who engage in fights receive penalties, usually five minutes for fighting, and the officials ensure that fights do not escalate beyond control.

3. Is fighting part of the official rules of hockey?

Answer: Fighting is not explicitly part of the official rules of hockey but is considered an accepted and tolerated aspect of the game.

4. Do all professional hockey leagues allow fighting?

Answer: Fighting rules may vary across different professional hockey leagues. While the NHL permits fighting, some leagues, such as the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), have stricter regulations and impose harsher penalties for fighting.

5. Are players ever punished for fighting?

Answer: Yes, players can face disciplinary action for fighting, particularly if the fight involves excessive violence or cheap shots. Suspensions and fines can be handed out by the league for such incidents.

6. Are there any efforts to ban fighting in hockey?

Answer: Over the years, there have been discussions and debates about whether fighting should be banned in hockey. However, there is still significant support for keeping fighting as part of the game, and no major league has made the decision to ban it completely.

7. Are there any safety concerns regarding fighting in hockey?

Answer: Safety is a concern in any physical altercation, and the risk of injury is present in hockey fights. However, players are required to wear helmets and other protective gear, and referees intervene quickly to minimize the risk of severe harm.

BOTTOM LINE: Fighting is indeed allowed in hockey, and while it may not be explicitly stated in the official rules, it remains an accepted and tolerated part of the game. The presence of fighting adds historical, entertainment, and self-policing aspects to hockey, making it a unique sport loved by many fans.