How To Watch Hockey Tonight

How To Watch Hockey Tonight
Are you a hockey fan looking for the best way to catch the action tonight? Here are 5 supporting facts to help you find the best way to watch hockey tonight:

1. Check the TV schedule: The easiest way to watch hockey games is through your cable or satellite provider. Check your local TV listings or the official NHL website to find out which channels will be broadcasting the games tonight.

2. Streaming services: Many streaming services offer live sports channels that include hockey games. Platforms like ESPN+, NHL.TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV often provide access to a wide range of hockey games. Check their websites or apps to see if they are streaming the games you want to watch.

3. Streaming platforms: In addition to streaming services, certain platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Twitch also offer hockey game streams. These platforms sometimes have exclusive streaming rights for specific games or provide an alternative viewing experience.

4. NHL GameCenter app: The NHL GameCenter app allows you to watch live and on-demand hockey games on your mobile device. It also provides highlights, player stats, and other features to enhance your viewing experience.

5. Local bars and restaurants: If you are unable to access the games through TV or streaming services, consider visiting local bars or restaurants that offer sports coverage. Many establishments have multiple screens showing various sports events, including hockey games.


1. Can I watch hockey games for free?
– While some games may be available for free on local TV stations, most live hockey game broadcasts require a cable or streaming subscription.

2. Do I need a special device to watch hockey on streaming platforms?
– Many streaming platforms offer apps for various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV. Check the platform’s website for information about compatible devices.

3. Can I watch out-of-market games with streaming services?
– Some streaming services offer packages that include out-of-market games, allowing fans to access a wider range of matchups. However, availability may vary depending on your location and the specific service.

4. Are there any blackout restrictions for streaming hockey games?
– Yes, blackout restrictions may apply for streaming services, particularly when a game is being broadcast on local or national TV. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the streaming service to understand any blackout restrictions in your area.

5. Can I watch hockey games on my mobile phone?
– Yes, many streaming services and the NHL GameCenter app offer mobile versions, allowing you to watch hockey games on your smartphone or tablet.

6. Can I record hockey games to watch later?
– If you have a DVR with your cable or satellite provider, you can typically record hockey games to watch them later. Streaming platforms may also offer DVR-like functionalities for recorded playback.

7. Can I watch hockey games live outside of the United States and Canada?
– Yes, depending on your location, there may be international streaming services or broadcasters that offer live coverage of hockey games.

To watch hockey tonight, first, check the TV schedule to see if the game you want to watch is available on local channels. If not, consider subscribing to streaming services like ESPN+, NHL.TV, or Hulu + Live TV. Additionally, platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Twitch may also have hockey game streams. Don’t forget about the NHL GameCenter app for mobile viewing. If all else fails, head to local sports bars or restaurants that offer sports coverage. Enjoy the game!