How To Drag Flick In Hockey

How To Drag Flick In Hockey
The drag flick is a powerful scoring technique used in field hockey. It involves flicking the ball with force and accuracy to score a goal. Here are five supporting facts to help you master the drag flick:

1. Grip the stick correctly: To execute a successful drag flick, it is crucial to have the right grip on the hockey stick. Hold the stick with your left hand at the top of the handle, and the right hand slightly lower. This grip will allow you to generate maximum power and control during the flick.

2. Position your body correctly: Before executing the drag flick, position your body in the right direction. Take a step forward with your non-dominant foot, pointing it towards the target. Keep your body low and balanced to maintain control during the flick.

3. Drag the ball along the turf: As you approach the ball, lower your stick so that it has contact with the turf. Drag the ball along with your stick, applying pressure to keep it under control. This will help generate the necessary momentum for a powerful flick.

4. Use your wrist and body rotation: Just before releasing the ball, use a quick flick of your wrist and rotate your body towards the target. The combination of the wrist flick and body rotation will generate additional power and accuracy, increasing the chances of scoring a goal.

5. Practice and repetition: Like any skill in hockey, mastering the drag flick requires practice and repetition. Set up a target and practice your drag flicks regularly to refine your technique and develop consistency.

Now, let’s explore some frequently asked questions about the drag flick:


1. Can anyone learn the drag flick in hockey?
Yes, anyone can learn the drag flick. With practice, dedication, and proper guidance, players of all skill levels can master this scoring technique.

2. What is the best position for the ball during the drag flick?
Ideally, the ball should be positioned just in front of your body, allowing you to maintain control and generate maximum power during the flick.

3. How can I generate more power in my drag flick?
To generate more power, focus on the wrist flick and body rotation. Quick and coordinated movements will transfer greater force to the ball.

4. How do I improve my accuracy in drag flicks?
Accuracy comes with practice. Concentrate on keeping your eye on the target, aligning your body correctly, and refining your wrist flick for improved accuracy.

5. Can I use the drag flick in different situations during a game?
The drag flick can be used in various situations, such as penalty corners or open play. It is a versatile scoring technique that can be effective when executed correctly.

6. Do I need a specific stick for drag flicks?
While there is no specific stick designed only for drag flicks, some players may prefer sticks with specific features, such as a low bow, for better control and power during flicking.

7. Are there any safety precautions I should take while attempting drag flicks?
It is essential to maintain awareness of your surroundings and ensure that other players are at a safe distance. Be cautious not to hit anyone with the stick or the ball during the drag flick.

Mastering the drag flick in hockey takes time and practice. Focus on your grip, body position, dragging technique, and wrist flick to generate power and accuracy. Regular practice will refine your skills, making the drag flick a valuable scoring technique in your hockey arsenal.