How To Draft Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Yahoo Fantasy Hockey? Drafting your team is a crucial step in setting yourself up for success throughout the season. Here are five essential facts to help you navigate the drafting process:
1. Understanding the Scoring Settings: Before you begin drafting, make sure you have a clear understanding of the scoring system in your league. Yahoo Fantasy Hockey offers various scoring categories, such as goals, assists, plus/minus, power play points, and more. Familiarize yourself with these settings to prioritize players who excel in those areas.

2. Research Player Rankings: To make informed decisions during your draft, research player rankings from reliable sources. Yahoo provides its default rankings, but consulting other experts’ rankings can give you additional insights and help you find hidden gems.

3. Analyze Team Schedules: It’s crucial to check team schedules before drafting players. Look for teams with favorable schedules, as they may have more games during weeks when other teams have bye weeks or fewer games. Players who have a high number of games in a given week can provide an advantage in accumulating points.

4. Consider Positional Scarcity: Each league has a limited number of roster spots for each position, so it’s essential to consider positional scarcity during your draft. For example, there might be more depth in forwards compared to defensemen. Understanding this can help you prioritize certain positions over others, ensuring you have a well-rounded team.

5. Always Have a Backup Plan: During the draft, be prepared for unexpected situations. Players you target may get picked earlier than expected, or your draft strategy may need adjustments based on how the draft unfolds. Always have alternative options in mind and be adaptable to maximize your team’s potential.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about drafting in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey:

FAQ 1: Should I rely solely on Yahoo’s default player rankings during the draft?
Answer: While Yahoo’s default rankings can serve as a starting point, it’s advisable to consult multiple sources to gain a broader perspective. Different experts may provide varying rankings based on their insights and knowledge of the game.

FAQ 2: How important is it to have a balanced team across all positions?
Answer: A balanced team across different positions ensures you have a well-rounded roster. However, it’s also crucial to prioritize positions that offer a scarcity of talent or have higher impact in the scoring system.

FAQ 3: How early should I draft goaltenders?
Answer: Goaltenders are crucial in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey. Consider drafting them within the first few rounds, especially elite goalies who can contribute significantly to multiple categories. However, the timing might depend on league settings and the overall strategy of other managers in your league.

FAQ 4: Can I edit my draft rankings before the draft starts?
Answer: Yes, you can edit your draft rankings before the draft begins. Adjusting your rankings based on your research and preferences allows you to tailor the draft to your strategy and preferences.

FAQ 5: What should I do if a player I want gets drafted ahead of my turn?
Answer: If a targeted player gets drafted before your turn, have alternative options in mind. Always be prepared for such scenarios by having a list of backup players to choose from. Adjust your strategy on the go to ensure you draft the best available players.

FAQ 6: How long do I have to make a pick during the draft?
Answer: The duration of each pick can be customized by your league’s commissioner. It’s typically set between 60 and 90 seconds per pick, giving managers enough time to make their selections. However, check with your league commissioner for the specific time limit.

FAQ 7: Can I trade players after the draft is over?
Answer: Yes, trading players is usually allowed after the draft is completed. Trading can be an excellent strategy to improve your team by acquiring players who may have fallen in the draft or targeting specific needs for your roster.

BOTTOM LINE: Drafting in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey requires understanding the scoring settings, researching player rankings, and considering positional scarcity. Have a backup plan in case of unexpected situations during the draft. Take advantage of the available resources, plan strategically, and build a well-balanced team to increase your chances of success throughout the season.