How To Draft In Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

Hockey is an exciting sport that requires strategy and skill. Yahoo Fantasy Hockey provides fans with the opportunity to create their own team and compete against other hockey enthusiasts. The draft is a crucial step in building a successful team. Here are 5 facts to help you navigate the draft process in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey:
1. Draft Format: Yahoo Fantasy Hockey offers both live and auto drafts. In a live draft, you have the chance to actively participate in selecting your players. In an auto draft, the system will automatically draft players for you based on pre-determined rankings.

2. Pre-Draft Preparation: Before the draft, it is important to research players, teams, and their performances. Familiarize yourself with rankings and experts’ opinions to build a solid draft strategy. Pay attention to player injuries, line combinations, and potential breakout candidates.

3. Draft Order: In Yahoo Fantasy Hockey, the draft order is randomized a certain amount of time before the draft. You can view the draft order once it is determined. The order is often selected at random or based on the previous season’s standings.

4. Draft Strategies: There are various strategies you can employ during the draft. Some popular strategies include “going for the best player available,” focusing on particular positions (such as goaltenders or defensemen), or targeting players from specific teams. Adapt your strategy based on your league’s scoring system and settings.

5. Utilize Yahoo’s Draft Tools: Yahoo provides helpful draft tools like player rankings, projections, and custom pre-draft rankings. Utilize these tools to enhance your decision-making process during the draft.


1. Can I change the draft order in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey?
No, Yahoo does not allow you to manually change the draft order. It is determined randomly or based on the previous season’s standings.

2. How long does the draft last in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey?
The duration of the draft depends on the number of teams and the time limit set per pick. It can range from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

3. Can I join a draft late in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey?
If you are unable to join the live draft, Yahoo allows you to set your rankings before the draft and have it automatically select players for you. However, it is always better to participate in the live draft if possible.

4. How can I view the draft results in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey?
Once the draft is complete, you can view the draft results under the “Draft Results” tab in your league’s homepage. It will show the players selected by each team.

5. Can I make trades during the draft in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey?
No, trades cannot be made during the draft. Trading becomes available once the draft is complete.

6. Can I queue players in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey draft?
Yes, you can utilize Yahoo’s “Draft Queue” feature to pre-select players you are interested in drafting. This can be a helpful tool if you have a specific strategy in mind.

7. What happens if I miss my pick in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey draft?
If you miss your pick, Yahoo’s auto draft feature will select the highest-ranked player available on your list. It is best to be present during the draft to avoid auto selections that may not align with your strategy.

Drafting in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey requires preparation, strategy, and utilization of available tools. Familiarize yourself with player rankings, participate in live drafts if possible, and adapt your strategy based on your league’s settings. Utilize Yahoo’s draft tools and make sure to be present during the draft to make the best possible selections for your team.