How To Do Wrist Shot In Hockey

The wrist shot is a fundamental skill in hockey that allows players to shoot the puck accurately and quickly. Here are 5 facts to help you master the wrist shot:
1. Grip the stick correctly: Start by holding the stick with your top hand about halfway down the shaft and your bottom hand at the very end. Make sure the blade is square to the net.

2. Start with proper body positioning: Position your body at an angle to the net, with your front shoulder pointing towards the target. This will allow for better control and accuracy during the shot.

3. Load the shot: As you approach the puck, transfer your weight onto your back foot and flex the stick by pulling it back with your top hand. This will load energy into the stick, creating more power for the shot.

4. Generate wrist snap: Just before releasing the shot, roll your wrists quickly and snap them forward while simultaneously transferring your weight to your front foot. This quick snap of the wrists generates most of the power behind the shot.

5. Follow through: After releasing the shot, continue to follow through with your stick aiming towards the target. This will ensure accuracy and maximize the chances of the puck hitting its intended mark.


1. How do I improve my wrist shot accuracy?
To improve accuracy, focus on keeping your eyes on the target and aiming for a specific part of the net. Practice shooting in different situations and angles to develop muscle memory.

2. Can I use my wrist shot in different situations?
Absolutely! The wrist shot is versatile and can be used in various situations, such as in close proximity to the net, on breakaways, or during power plays.

3. Does the flex of the stick matter for the wrist shot?
Yes, the flex of the stick affects the power and accuracy of your wrist shot. A stick with a lower flex allows for more power, while a higher flex provides better control.

4. Is it possible to add deception to my wrist shot?
Yes, you can add deception to your wrist shot by changing the release point, speed, or angle of the shot. Mixing up these factors can make it harder for goaltenders to anticipate your shot.

5. How can I increase the power of my wrist shot?
To increase power, focus on generating more speed with your hands and wrists during the snap. Additionally, working on your core and leg strength will help you generate more power throughout your body.

6. Can I still take a wrist shot while on the move?
Yes, you can take a wrist shot while skating by transferring your weight from your back foot to your front foot and pushing off with your back foot as you release the shot.

7. Should I practice my wrist shot off-ice?
Off-ice practice can be beneficial for improving your wrist shot. You can practice shooting at a net or a shooting pad and work on the mechanics of your shot without the constraints of the ice.

BOTTOM LINE: The wrist shot is an essential skill in hockey that requires proper grip, body positioning, loading of the shot, wrist snap, and follow through. By practicing these techniques and focusing on accuracy and power, you can improve your wrist shot and become a more effective player on the ice.