How To Do Well In Hockey

If you want to excel in hockey and improve your skills on the ice, here are five key factors to focus on:
1. Practice regularly: Like any sport, regular practice is essential in hockey. Dedicate yourself to practicing both on and off the ice to improve your skating, stick handling, shooting, and overall fitness.

2. Develop your skating technique: Skating is the foundation of hockey, so it’s crucial to focus on developing proper technique. Work on your stride, balance, and agility to become a faster and more efficient skater.

3. Enhance your stick handling skills: Good stick handling allows players to maintain control of the puck and make precise passes. Practice different drills like stickhandling through cones, around obstacles, or even against the wall to improve this essential skill.

4. Work on your shooting accuracy and power: Scoring goals is a significant part of hockey, so honing your shooting skills is vital. Practice shooting from various angles, distances, and positions to improve both your accuracy and power. Incorporate wrist shots, slap shots, and snapshots into your training routine.

5. Understand the game: Hockey is a fast-paced sport with constantly changing situations. Enhance your hockey sense by studying the game, learning team strategies, and watching professional players. Understanding the flow and tactics of the game will improve your decision-making on the ice.


1. How often should I practice hockey to see improvements?
– Consistency is key. Aim to practice at least three times a week to see noticeable improvements in your skills.

2. Is it better to practice alone or with teammates?
– Practicing both alone and with teammates is beneficial. Solo practice allows you to focus on specific skills, while team practice helps you develop game sense and teamwork.

3. How can I improve my skating technique?
– Skating drills focusing on balance, edges, and turns can help improve your technique. Working with a skating coach can also provide valuable guidance.

4. What are some effective stick handling drills?
– Some effective stick handling drills include the figure eight, toe drag, and around-the-world. Practice with a golf or stickhandling ball to improve hand-eye coordination.

5. Are there any specific exercises to improve shooting power?
– Exercises like squats, lunges, and plyometrics can help improve lower body strength, which contributes to shooting power. Additionally, practice shooting techniques such as weight transfer and flexing the stick for added power.

6. How can I develop my hockey sense?
– Watching professional games, analyzing game strategies, and seeking feedback from experienced players and coaches can all help in developing hockey sense.

7. Is it necessary to play in organized leagues to improve?
– While playing in organized leagues can be beneficial for game experience and exposure to different skill levels, it is not the only way to improve. Many players develop their skills through consistent practice and training without organized league involvement.

BOTTOM LINE: To excel in hockey, consistent practice, focused training on skating, stick handling, shooting, and understanding the game are crucial. Practicing alone and with teammates, seeking guidance, and studying professional games will significantly contribute to your improvement on the ice.