How To Do The Hockey Spinorama

How To Do The Hockey Spinorama
The hockey spinorama is a popular move in the sport that involves a player spinning around while controlling the puck. It is an effective way to elude defenders and create scoring opportunities. Here are five supporting facts on how to perform the hockey spinorama:

1. Mastering Puck Control: Before attempting the spinorama, it is crucial to have excellent puck control skills. Practice stickhandling drills to improve your ability to manipulate the puck while on the move.

2. Understanding Body Positioning: The key to a successful spinorama is proper body positioning. Keep your body low and centered over the puck to maintain balance throughout the move.

3. Setting Up the Move: Begin the spinorama by skating towards the defender with your dominant side leading. Use quick and powerful strides to gain speed and heighten the effectiveness of the move.

4. Execution of the Spin: As you approach the defender, transfer your weight to your back foot and push off with your dominant leg, initiating the spin. Keep your head up and maintain focus on the puck while rotating your body around.

5. Maintaining Control: During the spin, keep the puck close to your body, using subtle stick moves to protect it from defenders. Ensure you continue to skate in the same direction, using your peripheral vision to monitor the position of your teammates and opponents.


1. How can I improve my puck control skills?
To enhance your puck control, practice stickhandling drills such as the figure-eight and puck protection exercises. Focus on maintaining soft hands and developing agility with the puck.

2. What should I do if a defender anticipates the spinorama move?
If a defender expects the spinorama, you can fake the spin and change direction quickly instead. This will catch the defender off guard and create scoring opportunities.

3. Can the spinorama be used in game situations?
Yes, the spinorama can be deployed during games to surprise defenders, especially when you identify an opening or have support from your teammates.

4. Is the spinorama legal in all hockey leagues?
While the spinorama is generally allowed in most hockey leagues, it’s essential to understand individual league rules and regulations. Some leagues may have specific guidelines regarding spin moves, so be sure to check the rules beforehand.

5. How can I practice the spinorama without other players?
If you don’t have other players to practice with, you can work on the spinorama by setting up obstacles or using cones to mimic defenders. Visualization exercises, where you imagine defenders around you, can also be helpful in mastering the move.

6. Should I attempt the spinorama if I’m not confident in my puck control skills?
It is advisable to first develop strong puck control skills before attempting the spinorama. Without proper control, you may lose possession of the puck or lose balance during the move, leading to turnovers.

7. Is the spinorama only performed by forwards?
While forwards often utilize the spinorama due to their offensive roles, defensemen can also incorporate the move to create scoring opportunities or escape pressure in their defensive zone.

The hockey spinorama is an impressive move that requires mastery of puck control and proper body positioning. By practicing stickhandling, understanding body mechanics, and executing the spin while maintaining control, players can effectively use the spinorama to outmaneuver defenders and create scoring chances.