How To Do Spinorama Hockey

Spinorama is a popular move in hockey that involves spinning or pivoting quickly to change direction while maintaining control of the puck. It is often used to maneuver around defenders and create scoring opportunities. Here are five supporting facts on how to do a Spinorama in hockey:
1. Mastering the basics: Before attempting the Spinorama, it’s crucial to have good control over the puck and a solid foundation in stickhandling and skating skills.

2. Setting up for success: The Spinorama is best executed when you have enough space to spin without colliding with opponents or teammates. Position yourself strategically to ensure ample room for the move.

3. Initiating the spin: As you approach the defender, shift your weight onto your back foot while continuing to move forward. This weight transfer will provide the momentum needed to initiate the spin.

4. The spin: Push off with your back foot and pivot your body quickly in the opposite direction, leading with your stick and puck. Keep your head up to maintain awareness of the play and to spot any potential passing or shooting opportunities.

5. Exiting the spin: Once the spin is complete, regain balance by transferring your weight back to your front foot. Continue skating with speed and momentum to capitalize on the advantage gained from the Spinorama.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the Spinorama in hockey:

FAQ 1: Is the Spinorama legal in hockey?
Answer: Yes, the Spinorama is a legal move as long as you maintain control of the puck and do not excessively alter your forward motion.

FAQ 2: Are there any risks associated with attempting a Spinorama?
Answer: Like any maneuver in hockey, there are risks involved. Collisions with opponents or losing control of the puck can occur if not executed properly.

FAQ 3: Can goalies use the Spinorama?
Answer: Yes, goalies can also use the Spinorama to deceive players or quickly change the direction of their clearing passes. However, it requires excellent puck-handling skills.

FAQ 4: Should I use the Spinorama in every situation?
Answer: No, the Spinorama should be used selectively. It is best suited when you have enough time and space to properly execute the move without sacrificing control.

FAQ 5: Is the Spinorama an advanced move?
Answer: Yes, the Spinorama is considered an advanced move that requires a certain level of skill and practice to execute effectively. It may take time to master.

FAQ 6: Are there any variations of the Spinorama?
Answer: Yes, there are variations like the reverse Spinorama or the Spinorama with a deke incorporated. These variations add an extra level of complexity to the move.

FAQ 7: Can I do the Spinorama while shooting or passing the puck?
Answer: It is possible to incorporate a shot or a pass into the Spinorama, but it requires exceptional skill and practice to execute successfully.

BOTTOM LINE: The Spinorama is an impressive and effective move in hockey that allows players to quickly change direction while maintaining control of the puck. With proper skill, practice, and awareness, it can become a valuable tool to elude defenders and create scoring opportunities.