How To Do Pond Hockey In Nhl 19

Pond hockey is a beloved pastime for many hockey enthusiasts, and NHL 19 allows players to experience the joy of this outdoor sport within the game. Here are five facts to help you understand how to play pond hockey in NHL 19:
1. Pond hockey is a game mode in NHL 19 that recreates the outdoor, casual atmosphere of playing hockey on frozen ponds.
2. To access pond hockey, navigate to the game mode selection screen in NHL 19 and choose “Play Now.” From there, select “Pond Hockey” to get started.
3. In pond hockey, the rules are more relaxed compared to traditional NHL games. There are no penalties, offsides or icing calls, allowing for a more free-flowing and fast-paced gameplay experience.
4. The mode features customizable teams, allowing you to choose from various NHL players or create your own team with custom characters.
5. NHL 19’s pond hockey mode offers different outdoor locations for games such as frozen ponds, lakes, and even a city rooftop, adding variety and visual appeal to the gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I play pond hockey with friends in NHL 19?
Yes, you can play pond hockey with friends both online and offline. You can invite them to join your team or compete against them in online multiplayer matches.

2. Are there different game modes within pond hockey?
No, there is only one game mode for pond hockey in NHL 19. However, within this mode, you can choose to play a quick game, start a tournament, or engage in various challenges.

3. Can I use NHL players in pond hockey, or do I have to create custom characters?
You have the option to use NHL players in pond hockey or create custom characters. This allows you to play with your favorite professional athletes or unleash your creativity by designing unique characters to represent your team.

4. Are there any specific strategies to succeed in pond hockey?
While pond hockey is a more relaxed game mode, basic hockey strategies such as positioning, passing, and shooting still apply. Utilize teamwork and good communication to outsmart your opponents and create scoring opportunities.

5. Can I unlock additional outdoor locations for pond hockey?
Yes, NHL 19 offers the opportunity to unlock additional outdoor locations for pond hockey. This can be achieved by completing specific challenges or progressing through the game’s various modes.

6. Can I change the weather conditions in pond hockey games?
Unfortunately, NHL 19 does not allow players to change the weather conditions in pond hockey games. The weather is predetermined based on the chosen location.

7. Can I earn rewards or unlock new content in pond hockey mode?
While pond hockey does not have a specific progression system like other game modes in NHL 19, you can still earn rewards and unlock content that can be used in other modes, such as additional jerseys or outdoor locations.

Pond hockey in NHL 19 provides a fun and casual gameplay experience that captures the charm of playing hockey outdoors. With customizable teams, various outdoor locations, and relaxed rules, players can enjoy the excitement of pond hockey right from their gaming consoles. Gather your friends, lace up your virtual skates, and jump into the action-packed world of pond hockey in NHL 19.