How To Do Keepers For Fantasy Hockey If New Teams

Fantasy hockey can be an exciting and competitive game, and one important aspect is selecting and managing your team’s keepers. If you are new to fantasy hockey and need guidance on how to choose your keepers for a new team, here are five supporting facts to consider:
1. Understand the keeper league rules: Each fantasy hockey league may have different rules regarding how many keepers you can have, how long you can keep players, and any penalties or restrictions associated with keepers. Familiarize yourself with these rules to make informed decisions.

2. Assess player performance and potential: When selecting keepers, it is essential to evaluate both the current performance and future potential of each player. Look at their stats, injury history, and any recent developments in their career. Young players with potential or veterans in their prime may be good keeper options.

3. Consider positional scarcity: In fantasy hockey, certain positions, such as top-scoring defensemen or reliable goaltenders, can be scarce. Take this into account when deciding on keepers, as it may be valuable to retain players who are strong in less abundant positions.

4. Balance risk and reward: While it can be tempting to focus only on the top performers, it is crucial to strike a balance between reliable, consistent players and those with high upside but more risk. Depending on your league’s format, it may be beneficial to have a mix of both to build a competitive team.

5. Plan for future drafts: Keeping players for multiple seasons can impact your future draft strategy. Identify which positions or players will be available in the upcoming draft and use this information to make your keeper decisions. Aim to create a foundation for long-term success.


1. Can I keep any player from the previous season?
Depending on your league’s rules, you may not be able to keep any player. Some leagues restrict the number of keepers or impose penalties for keeping certain players. Check your league’s guidelines to determine your options.

2. Are young prospects worth keeping in fantasy hockey leagues?
If you’re in a keeper league, young prospects with high potential can be excellent keepers. While they may not contribute immediately, they can develop into valuable assets over time. Consider their NHL readiness, expected role, and the depth of your league.

3. What if I have to give up a draft pick to keep a player?
In some leagues, keeping a player may require sacrificing a draft pick. Evaluate the value of the player you wish to keep and compare it to the potential value of the pick you would have to give up. It’s essential to strike a balance and make decisions based on your team’s needs.

4. Should I focus on keeping players from the same team?
While it can be advantageous to have multiple players from the same team, as their chemistry can boost fantasy production, it is not a requirement. Evaluate players based on their individual skills, performance, and potential rather than solely considering the team they play for.

5. Is it better to keep a player based on last season’s performance or potential future performance?
When choosing keepers, it’s essential to consider both recent performance and potential future contribution. While past performance is a good indicator, some players may have a breakout season or face unexpected hurdles. Assess the player’s overall potential and their fit within your team’s strategy.

6. Can I trade my keepers with other teams in my league?
Trading keepers is often allowed in fantasy hockey leagues. It can be an opportunity to strengthen your team by acquiring more valuable keepers or addressing any positional weaknesses. Make sure to understand your league’s trading rules before engaging in keeper-related trades.

7. How frequently can I change my keepers?
The frequency of changing keepers varies by league. Some leagues allow you to keep players indefinitely, while others impose restrictions on the number of years you can retain a player. Review your league’s rules to understand the limitations and plan your keeper strategy accordingly.

When choosing keepers for your fantasy hockey team, make sure to understand your league’s rules, assess player performance and potential, consider positional scarcity, balance risk and reward, and plan for future drafts. By carefully evaluating these factors and staying informed, you can build a strong team foundation and increase your chances of success in the world of fantasy hockey.