How To Do Cool Hockey Tricks

How To Do Cool Hockey Tricks
Hockey is an exciting sport that offers an array of opportunities for players to showcase their skills and perform cool tricks on the ice. If you’re looking to add a touch of flair to your game, here are five supporting facts to guide you in learning cool hockey tricks:

1. Practice your stickhandling: Stickhandling is the foundation for many hockey tricks. Focus on improving your hand-eye coordination and puck control skills through regular practice drills.

2. Master the art of deking: Deking involves deceiving the opponent with quick and deceptive puck movements. Develop your ability to fake shots, make quick changes in direction, and perform smooth transitions to leave defenders flat-footed.

3. Learn to execute saucer passes: Saucer passes, also known as aerial passes, add an extra level of excitement to the game. Practice throwing the puck in a high arcing trajectory, allowing it to glide smoothly over obstacles and land softly on your teammate’s stick.

4. Perfect your shooting techniques: A well-executed shot can be a spectacular sight on the ice. Work on your wrist shots, slap shots, and snapshot techniques to increase accuracy, power, and speed. Practice shooting from different angles and incorporate tricks like the toe drag or the lacrosse-style goal in your arsenal.

5. Get creative with trick shots: Once you have a strong foundation in basic skills, challenge yourself to experiment with trick shots. Attempt moves like the spin-o-rama, between-the-legs shot, or even the Michigan move (scooping the puck onto your stick blade and batting it into the net) to surprise and impress your opponents.


1. Are cool hockey tricks only for professional players?
– No, anyone can learn and perform cool hockey tricks with enough practice and dedication.

2. How much time should I dedicate to practicing these tricks?
– The more time you devote to practice, the quicker you’ll see improvement. Aim for regular, focused practice sessions to master the tricks.

3. Do these tricks work in actual game situations?
– While some tricks may not be practical in every game situation, they can still be incredibly useful for confusing opponents and creating scoring opportunities.

4. Do I need special equipment to perform these tricks?
– No, you don’t need any special equipment to execute cool hockey tricks. However, having a stick that suits your comfort and style can make the learning process easier.

5. How do I avoid injuring myself while attempting these tricks?
– Safety should always be a priority. Start with basic tricks, gradually progressing to more advanced moves, and always wear the appropriate protective gear during practice and games.

6. Can I learn cool hockey tricks by watching videos online?
– Yes, watching instructional videos can be an excellent way to learn new tricks. However, it’s still crucial to practice on the ice, fine-tuning your technique and getting a feel for the puck.

7. Should I focus on mastering one trick at a time or learn multiple tricks simultaneously?
– It’s generally recommended to focus on mastering one trick at a time before moving on to the next. This ensures you develop sufficient proficiency and understanding of each move before progressing.

By dedicating time to practice stickhandling, deking, passing, shooting, and experimenting with trick shots, anyone can learn and perform cool hockey tricks. With regular training and focus, you can add an exciting element to your game and impress both teammates and opponents.