How To Do Butterfly In Hockey With Bauer Pads

Butterfly in hockey is a goaltending style where the goalkeeper drops to the ice in a kneeling position with the legs spread out in a butterfly shape to make saves. Here are 5 supporting facts on how to do the butterfly in hockey with Bauer pads:
1. Proper Pad Fit: Ensure that your Bauer pads are the correct size and fit snugly on your legs. Ill-fitting pads can hinder your movement and affect your ability to execute the butterfly technique effectively.

2. Knee Stack Adjustment: Bauer pads come with adjustable knee stacks that can be raised or lowered. To perform the butterfly, set the knee stacks at a height that allows you to drop into a deep knee bend while maintaining stability.

3. Stance Position: Start in your goalie stance with your skates shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and toes pointing slightly outward. This position will help you transition smoothly into the butterfly.

4. Drop into Butterfly: To initiate the butterfly, push off with your inside edge of the skate and drop your knees towards the ice. As your knees touch the ice, extend your legs out to the sides, keeping your feet flat on the ice to create the butterfly shape.

5. Rebound Control: Practice controlling rebounds by placing your hands on the ice between your legs when executing the butterfly. This technique will help prevent the puck from rebounding out in front of the net.

FAQs about the Butterfly in Hockey with Bauer Pads:

1. How do Bauer pads differ from other brands for performing the butterfly?
Bauer pads are known for their lightweight design and flexibility, allowing for quick and easy movements required for executing the butterfly technique.

2. Are Bauer pads suitable for beginner goalies trying to learn the butterfly?
Yes, Bauer offers a range of pads suitable for all skill levels. It’s important to choose the right size and style for your comfort and mobility.

3. How can I improve my butterfly technique?
Consistent practice is key to improving any goaltending technique. Focus on staying balanced, keeping your head up, and mastering the timings for a seamless butterfly save.

4. Can the butterfly save be effective against all types of shots?
The butterfly technique is highly effective for low shots, allowing goalies to cover the bottom portion of the net. However, it may leave the upper corners vulnerable to high shots, so goalies must adapt their techniques accordingly.

5. Should I rely solely on the butterfly technique in a game situation?
While the butterfly is an essential skill for any goalie, it’s important to have a well-rounded style. Utilize other techniques like the hybrid or standing saves to maintain versatility.

6. How can I protect myself from shots while in the butterfly position?
Bauer pads come with ample padding and additional built-in protection, such as thigh guards and knee guards. Ensure your pads are in good condition and properly adjusted to protect vulnerable areas of your body.

7. Are there any common mistakes to avoid when performing the butterfly with Bauer pads?
Avoid leaning too far forward or backward in the butterfly position, as it may compromise your balance and hinder your ability to move quickly. Additionally, always keep your paddle down to cover the five-hole and prevent any easy goals.

BOTTOM LINE: Mastering the butterfly in hockey with Bauer pads requires proper pad fit, adjustment of the knee stacks, and a correct stance position. Through consistent practice and focusing on rebound control and other goaltending techniques, you can effectively use the butterfly to make saves and protect the net.