How To Do A Wrist Shot In Pewee Hockey

How To Do A Wrist Shot In Pewee Hockey
A wrist shot is a fundamental skill in hockey that every player, including peewees, should learn. Mastering the wrist shot will greatly improve your accuracy and ability to score goals. Here are five supporting facts to help you perfect your wrist shot in peewee hockey:

1. Proper grip: Start by gripping your stick with your dominant hand at the top of the shaft. Your other hand should be placed about halfway down the stick, providing stability and control.

2. Body positioning: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your body facing the net. Bend your knees slightly and shift your weight onto your back foot. This positioning will generate power and ensure a stable shot.

3. Loading the shot: Pull the puck back toward your back foot, allowing it to glide along the ice. Use this motion to load the shot, creating potential energy that will be released as you shoot.

4. Flex your stick: As you prepare to release the shot, transfer your weight onto your front foot while flexing your stick. This flexion will give your shot additional power and velocity. Make sure to keep your hands in front of your body during this motion.

5. Quick release: Release the puck by flicking your wrists forward, snapping the puck towards the net. Aim for a point on the net and follow through with your shot, keeping your eyes on the target.

Now let’s move on to addressing some frequently asked questions about wrist shots in peewee hockey:


1. How important is grip in a wrist shot?
A proper grip allows for greater control over the puck and helps generate power in your shot. It is crucial to hold the stick correctly to maximize shooting efficiency.

2. Can you generate enough power without flexing the stick?
Flexing the stick is essential to add power to your shot. It stores potential energy that will be released upon shooting, resulting in a stronger and faster shot.

3. Should I shoot with my dominant hand at the top of the stick?
Yes, placing your dominant hand at the top of the stick provides better control and accuracy. It allows you to have a more stable shot and make precise adjustments.

4. How can I improve my accuracy while wrist shooting?
To improve accuracy, focus on consistently aiming at specific spots on the net during practice. Over time, you’ll develop muscle memory and be able to hit your desired targets more accurately.

5. Can a wrist shot be as effective as a slap shot?
Yes, a wrist shot can be just as effective as a slap shot, if not more so, as it is quicker and more accurate. However, a slap shot may have an advantage in terms of raw power and the ability to shoot from a greater distance.

6. Should I only use a wrist shot in specific situations during a game?
No, the wrist shot is a versatile shot that can be effective in various game situations. Practice both the wrist shot and other types of shots, such as slap shots and snap shots, to have a well-rounded arsenal.

7. How can I practice my wrist shot effectively?
Practicing your wrist shot requires repetition and consistency. Set up shooting drills, focus on different target areas, and shoot from different positions on the ice to improve your skills.

Mastering the wrist shot in peewee hockey is essential for any aspiring player. A proper grip, body positioning, loading the shot, flexing the stick, and quick release are key elements to keep in mind. Practice regularly and focus on accuracy to become a skilled shooter who contributes to the team’s success.