How To Do A Wrist Shot In Floor Hockey

The wrist shot is one of the most important skills in floor hockey. Here are 5 supporting facts on how to execute a wrist shot effectively:
1. Grip the stick properly: Hold the stick with both hands, ensuring that your top hand is positioned halfway down the shaft. This grip allows for better control and flexibility when executing the shot.

2. Position the ball correctly: For a wrist shot, position the ball slightly behind your front foot. This allows you to generate power and accuracy by transferring weight onto the forward foot during the shot.

3. Generate power through weight transfer: As you wind up to shoot, shift your weight onto your back foot, loading it with energy. As you follow through with the shot, transfer your weight onto your front foot, creating a powerful and accurate wrist shot.

4. Snap your wrists and follow through: As you release the shot, snap your wrists forward and follow through with your stick in the direction you want the shot to go. This will add velocity and accuracy to your shot.

5. Practice shooting technique: The key to mastering the wrist shot is consistent practice. Set up targets, work on different shooting angles, and practice shooting from various positions on the floor to improve your technique.


1. How do I improve my wrist shot accuracy?
To improve accuracy, focus on aiming for specific targets on the net during practice. Start by shooting at larger targets and gradually decrease the size as you progress. Additionally, work on developing a quick release to catch goalies off guard.

2. Is it beneficial to use a flex in my stick for wrist shots?
Yes, using a stick with some flex can be beneficial for wrist shots. The flex helps store and release energy, which adds speed and power to your shot. Experiment with different flex ratings to find the one that suits your shooting style.

3. Can I use my backhand for a wrist shot?
Yes, you can use the backhand for a wrist shot in floor hockey. This shot is particularly useful when you’re in a tight space or can’t get the puck onto your forehand. Practice and develop your backhand shooting technique to increase your offensive options.

4. Should I keep my eyes on the ball or the target while shooting?
While shooting, it’s essential to keep your eyes on the target rather than the ball. By focusing on the target, you can make minor adjustments to your shot in real-time, improving accuracy and increasing the chances of scoring.

5. How can I add deception to my wrist shot?
To add deception to your wrist shot, practice incorporating fakes and quick movements of the ball before releasing the shot. This can create confusion for the goalie and increase your scoring opportunities.

6. What can I do to increase the power of my wrist shot?
To increase the power of your wrist shot, focus on improving your strength and flexibility. Engage in off-ice exercises that target your wrists, forearms, and core muscles. Additionally, work on your shot technique, using proper weight transfer and snap of the wrists.

7. How can I practice my wrist shot at home?
Even if you don’t have access to a hockey rink, you can practice your wrist shot at home. Set up a shooting area with a net or target and use a lightweight ball or a softer puck to avoid causing damage. Focus on your technique and work on precision and accuracy.

Mastering the wrist shot in floor hockey requires proper grip, weight transfer, and snap of the wrists. Practice regularly and focus on improving your accuracy and power. With consistent effort, you’ll be able to execute effective wrist shots and become a more formidable player on the floor.