How To Do A Slapshot In Ball Hockey

A slapshot is a powerful and effective technique used in ball hockey to shoot the ball towards the net. Here are five facts about how to execute a slapshot in ball hockey:
1. Proper positioning: Before attempting a slapshot, it is important to position yourself correctly. Plant your feet shoulder-width apart, with your non-dominant foot slightly in front of the other for balance and stability.

2. Use a proper grip: Hold the stick firmly with both hands, placing your dominant hand on the upper part of the stick and your non-dominant hand lower down. This grip allows for better control and power during the shot.

3. Wind up and weight transfer: Start the slapshot by winding up your stick behind you. Shift your weight onto your back leg and then transfer it forward as you swing your stick towards the ball. This weight transfer enhances the power of the shot.

4. Puck contact and follow-through: Aim to strike the ball a few inches behind its center, using the middle or heel of the blade for better accuracy. Follow through with your shot, allowing the stick to follow the ball’s trajectory towards the net.

5. Practice and repetition: Like any skill in hockey, mastering the slapshot in ball hockey requires practice. Regularly set aside time to practice your shot technique, focusing on proper form, accuracy, and power.


1. What is the difference between a wrist shot and a slapshot in ball hockey?
A wrist shot is a quicker and more controlled shot that relies on the flick of the wrist, while a slapshot is more powerful and requires a full swing of the stick, utilizing the flex of the shaft.

2. Should I keep my eyes on the ball or the net when taking a slapshot?
Ideally, maintain focus on the ball as you wind up and make contact. However, once you start swinging, shift your gaze towards your intended target – the net – to improve accuracy.

3. How can I generate more power in my slapshot?
To generate more power, work on your core strength and use your body’s rotation to transfer weight into the shot. Additionally, practice snapping your wrists at the moment of contact to release maximum energy into the ball.

4. Is it better to take slapshots from the point or closer to the net?
It depends on the situation. Slapshots from the point can be effective for creating rebounds or scoring opportunities from deflections. However, shooting closer to the net increases the chance of scoring directly, thanks to the fast pace of the game.

5. Can I take a slapshot while in motion?
Yes, it is possible to take a slapshot while in motion. However, this requires more advanced skill and balance. Practice stationary slapshots first before attempting them while moving.

6. Should I practice slapshots with a specific type of ball?
It is ideal to practice slapshots with the same type of ball you will be using in games. This familiarity will help you understand the ball’s behavior and optimize your technique accordingly.

7. Are there any safety precautions to consider when taking a slapshot in ball hockey?
Ensure you have enough space and a clear line of sight to take a slapshot safely. Make sure no one is within the swing range and protect yourself by wearing appropriate protective gear, such as a helmet and shin guards.

Mastering the slapshot in ball hockey requires proper positioning, a good grip, weight transfer, and precise puck contact. Practice regularly to improve accuracy, power, and overall technique. Stay safe by following proper safety protocols and maintaining awareness of your surroundings.