How To Do A Fantasy Hockey League

Fantasy hockey leagues are a great way for hockey enthusiasts to engage with the sport and test their skills as a team manager. Here are five supporting facts on how to start and run a successful fantasy hockey league:
1. Choose a platform: Numerous websites offer fantasy hockey leagues, such as ESPN, Yahoo, and Select a platform that suits your preferences and provides the features and flexibility you desire.

2. Gather participants: Before launching your fantasy league, reach out to friends, family, co-workers, or fellow hockey fans who might be interested in joining. Ensure you have a sufficient number of participants to make the league enjoyable.

3. Set up league rules: Establishing clear rules is essential to ensure fair competition. Determine the scoring system, roster sizes, draft format, and any other specific guidelines you want to implement in your league.

4. Conduct a draft: The draft is a crucial aspect of fantasy hockey that allows participants to build their teams from scratch. Decide whether you want to hold a live draft, where participants gather at the same time to make their picks, or an automated draft, where the system selects players based on participants’ pre-determined rankings.

5. Manage the season: Throughout the season, it is important to stay actively involved in running the league. Monitor player performances, oversee trades and roster changes, and communicate with participants to ensure everyone enjoys a competitive and engaging experience.


Q1: Can I join a fantasy hockey league if I have limited knowledge of the sport?
A1: Absolutely! Fantasy hockey leagues are open to everyone, and they can actually serve as a fun way to learn more about the game.

Q2: How do I determine player scoring in fantasy hockey leagues?
A2: Scoring systems may vary depending on the league rules you establish. Commonly, points are awarded for goals, assists, penalty minutes, power-play points, shots on goal, and goalie statistics such as saves and shutouts.

Q3: Are trades allowed in fantasy hockey leagues?
A3: Yes, trades are often a part of fantasy hockey leagues. They allow participants to negotiate players with other teams, enabling them to strengthen their rosters according to their strategies.

Q4: Can I make changes to my roster during the season?
A4: Yes, most leagues allow participants to make weekly adjustments to their rosters by adding or dropping players, as long as such changes comply with the league rules.

Q5: Are there any prizes for winning a fantasy hockey league?
A5: Prizes may vary depending on the league. Some leagues offer cash prizes or trophies, while others simply focus on the thrill of competing and bragging rights among friends.

Q6: Can I play fantasy hockey on my mobile device?
A6: Yes, many fantasy hockey platforms offer mobile apps that allow participants to manage their teams, make trades, and track player performance conveniently on their smartphones or tablets.

Q7: Is there a fee to play in a fantasy hockey league?
A7: It depends on the league. Some fantasy hockey leagues require an entry fee to provide a prize pool, while others are free to join for recreational purposes.

BOTTOM LINE: Starting a fantasy hockey league requires selecting a platform, gathering participants, establishing clear rules, conducting a draft, and actively managing the season. Regardless of your level of hockey knowledge, fantasy leagues offer an enjoyable way to engage with the sport and compete against friends and fellow fans.