How To Do A Backhand Shot In Hockey

How To Do A Backhand Shot In Hockey
A backhand shot in hockey is a powerful and effective way to surprise the goalie and score a goal. While it may not be as common as a forehand shot, mastering the backhand shot can greatly enhance your offensive skills. Here are 5 supporting facts to help you learn how to do a backhand shot in hockey:

1. Grip the stick properly: To execute a successful backhand shot, it is essential to have the correct grip on the stick. Place your dominant hand at the top of the stick with a firm hold, while your bottom hand should be about a foot down the shaft for better control and power.

2. Position your body correctly: Before attempting a backhand shot, make sure you are in the right position. Place your non-dominant shoulder facing the net, allowing you to pivot your body effectively.

3. Keep your eyes on the target: Maintain focus on the target area where you want to shoot the puck. This will help you aim accurately and increase the chances of scoring a goal.

4. Generate power from your wrists and body rotation: When performing a backhand shot, power is generated from a combination of wrist strength and body rotation. Use your wrists to snap the puck off the blade of your stick, while simultaneously rotating your upper body for added force.

5. Practice regularly: Like any skill in hockey, mastering the backhand shot requires practice. Take the time to practice this shot regularly, focusing on proper technique and accuracy to improve your skills over time.


1. Why should I learn the backhand shot in hockey?
The backhand shot is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal as it catches the goalie off guard and opens up more scoring opportunities.

2. Is it important to have a strong grip on the stick for a backhand shot?
Yes, a strong grip on the stick is crucial for a powerful and controlled backhand shot. It allows you to maintain control of the puck and generate more force behind your shot.

3. Can I use the backhand shot in any situation on the ice?
While the backhand shot can be used in various situations, it is especially effective when close to the net or in tight spaces where a forehand shot may not be possible.

4. How can I improve the accuracy of my backhand shot?
Practice and repetition are key to improving accuracy. Focus on keeping your eyes on the target and follow through with your wrists to ensure better shot placement.

5. Are there any drills to help me master the backhand shot?
Yes, there are several drills you can incorporate into your training routine. One effective drill is to shoot pucks against a wall, focusing on correct form and technique.

6. Can I use the backhand shot while skating at high speeds?
Yes, the backhand shot can be executed while skating at high speeds. With practice, you can develop the ability to shoot accurately even when moving quickly on the ice.

7. Are there any specific stick settings that can help with the backhand shot?
While stick preferences vary among players, a stick with a slightly lower curve can make it easier to lift the puck during a backhand shot. Experiment with different stick configurations to find what works best for you.

The backhand shot in hockey is a valuable skill that can surprise the goalie and increase your scoring chances. By mastering the proper grip, body position, and technique, and practicing regularly, you can become proficient at this powerful shot technique. Incorporate backhand shot drills into your training routine and experiment with different stick settings to find what works best for you.