How To Display Hockey Medals

How To Display Hockey Medals
When it comes to displaying your hockey medals, there are various creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to showcase your accomplishments. Below are five facts to consider when displaying your hockey medals:

1. Consider a dedicated medal display board: A medal display board is a great way to exhibit your hockey medals. It usually consists of a flat board or panel with hooks or pegs to hang the medals. These boards are versatile and can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf.

2. Use a shadow box: Shadow boxes are a popular choice for displaying medals. They allow you to showcase your medals in a three-dimensional manner by placing them inside a glass-fronted display case. You can arrange the medals along with related memorabilia, such as jerseys or photographs, to create a personalized and visually appealing display.

3. Opt for a medal hanger: Medal hangers or racks are specifically designed to display sports medals. These hangers typically come with multiple hooks and can be mounted on a wall. Choose a hockey-themed hanger to give your display a sporty feel.

4. Incorporate a trophy shelf: If you have both medals and trophies, consider dedicating a shelf solely for displaying your hockey achievements. Arrange the trophies on the shelf and use hooks or pegs to hang the medals below or alongside them. This setup gives a comprehensive view of your hockey accomplishments.

5. Get creative with DIY ideas: Do-it-yourself projects offer endless possibilities for displaying your medals. You can repurpose old hockey sticks to create a unique medal rack, or use a wooden pallet to construct a rustic display. Let your imagination run wild and design a display that reflects your personal style.


1. Can I display my hockey medals without damaging them?
Yes, you can display your hockey medals without causing any damage. Medal display boards, shadow boxes, and medal hangers allow you to showcase your medals safely without any risk of scratches or tarnishing.

2. How do I clean my hockey medals before display?
To clean your hockey medals, use a soft cloth or microfiber towel to gently remove any dust or dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the medal’s surface. A mild soap solution can be used for more stubborn stains, followed by a thorough rinse and drying.

3. What if I have limited wall space for displaying my hockey medals?
If you have limited wall space, you can still create an attractive display utilizing other surfaces. Consider using a tabletop or shelf to showcase your medals alongside other hockey memorabilia, or hang them on the inside of a cabinet door for a hidden display.

4. Can I mix my hockey medals with medals from other sports?
Absolutely! If you have achievements from other sports, you can mix and display the medals together. However, consider organizing them in a way that highlights your hockey accomplishments, such as placing your hockey medals at the center or utilizing hockey-themed displays.

5. How can I protect my hockey medals from dust or fading?
To protect your hockey medals from dust or fading, keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity. Regularly dust the display area and use a UV-protective glass or cover for shadow boxes to minimize the effects of sunlight.

6. Can I personalize my medal display?
Yes, personalizing your medal display adds a unique touch. You can incorporate jerseys, team photos, or memorable hockey moments alongside your medals. Adding small plaques with engraved details such as tournament names or personal achievements can also personalize the display further.

7. Is it necessary to hang all my hockey medals on display?
No, it’s not necessary to display all your hockey medals. You can select a few of your most meaningful or prestigious medals to showcase. This allows you to focus attention on significant achievements and keep the display organized and visually appealing.

Displaying your hockey medals can be a rewarding way to celebrate your accomplishments and showcase your passion for the sport. Consider using dedicated medal display boards, shadow boxes, or medal hangers, and get creative with DIY ideas to personalize the display. Ensure proper cleaning and protection of your medals, and feel free to mix them with medals from other sports or personalize the display with related memorabilia. Remember, it’s your display, so have fun and make it representative of your own journey in hockey.