How To Disguise Hockey Gloves For Sca

Hockey gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any player. However, if you wish to disguise your hockey gloves for SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) purposes, here are five supporting facts to help you achieve that:
1. Use Glove Covers: One of the easiest ways to disguise your hockey gloves is to use glove covers. These covers are designed to fit over your existing gloves and can be made from various materials like fabric, leather, or even chainmail. They can give your gloves a more medieval or Renaissance look while providing some protection.

2. Add Decorative Elements: To further conceal the modern appearance of your hockey gloves, you can add decorative elements to them. Consider using fabric paints, embroidery, or even attaching metal studs or chains to give them a more medieval aesthetic.

3. Replace the Cuff: Hockey gloves typically have a wide cuff that may appear too modern for SCA purposes. To disguise this, you can remove the original cuff and replace it with a fabric cuff that matches your SCA persona’s style. You can sew on fabric or leather to create a custom cuff that suits your needs.

4. Dye or Stain the Gloves: If the color of your hockey gloves is too bright or modern, you can dye or stain them to get a more muted and aged look. This can be done using fabric dyes or leather stains, depending on the material of your gloves. Always test the dye or stain on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure you achieve the desired effect.

5. Wear Hand Wraps: Another way to conceal the modern appearance of your gloves is by wearing hand wraps over them. Hand wraps are long strips of fabric that can be wrapped around your hands and wrists, providing additional protection and giving your gloves a more period look.


1. Are glove covers readily available, or do I need to make them myself?
Glove covers are readily available both online and at some specialty SCA retailers. However, if you prefer a custom design or cannot find one that suits your needs, making them yourself is always an option.

2. Can I use glue or adhesive to add decorative elements to my gloves?
It is generally not recommended to use glue or adhesive directly on your gloves, as it may damage the material or affect their performance. Instead, consider sewing or attaching decorative elements with removable methods, such as snaps or loops.

3. How do I remove the cuff from my hockey gloves?
Removing the cuff from hockey gloves can vary depending on the specific design of your gloves. In general, it involves carefully cutting or unstitching the cuff from the main glove body. It is advisable to consult online tutorials or seek assistance from someone experienced in glove modifications.

4. What types of dyes or stains work best for hockey gloves?
The best dye or stain depends on the material of your hockey gloves. Fabric dyes are suitable for gloves with a fabric outer layer, while leather stains are appropriate for gloves with a leather exterior. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do a test patch first.

5. Are hand wraps necessary for disguising hockey gloves?
Hand wraps can be a great addition to conceal the modern appearance of your gloves, but they are not essential. Depending on your SCA persona and the level of authenticity you wish to achieve, you can decide whether to use hand wraps or not.

6. Can I use old or thrifted gloves instead of hockey gloves for SCA purposes?
Yes, using old or thrifted gloves is a valid option for SCA purposes. Make sure to consider the appropriate time period and materials that align with your persona’s style before utilizing the gloves.

7. How can I maintain the disguise of my hockey gloves during gameplay in SCA activities?
To maintain the disguise of your hockey gloves during SCA activities, you should avoid excessive contact that could damage or reveal the modern elements. Also, periodically check for any wear and tear, and repair or touch up the disguise as needed.

BOTTOM LINE: Disguising hockey gloves for SCA purposes involves using glove covers, adding decorative elements, replacing the cuff, dyeing or staining the gloves, and wearing hand wraps. These methods can help you achieve a more authentic and period look while still providing some level of protection.