How To Determine Whether To Cut Down A Hockey Stick

Should I Cut Down My Hockey Stick?
Deciding whether to cut down a hockey stick is a personal choice that depends on factors such as player preference and style of play. Here are five supporting facts to help you make an informed decision:

1. Stick length affects stickhandling: A longer stick provides better reach for stickhandling, especially for taller players. However, a shorter stick offers improved control and maneuverability, enabling quick and precise puck handling.

2. Shooting accuracy is impacted: A longer stick allows for more leverage and power while shooting. On the other hand, a shorter stick provides better control and accuracy, particularly for wrist shots and quick releases.

3. Flexibility and power transfer: Cutting down a stick alters its flex and can impact power transfer while shooting or passing. It’s essential to consider how cutting the stick will affect the overall feel of puck control and shot power.

4. Skating style and position: Consider your skating style and position on the ice. Defensemen might prefer a longer stick for poke checks and reach, while forwards might opt for a shorter stick for better handling in tight spaces.

5. Personal comfort and preference: Ultimately, comfort and personal preference play a significant role. Test out different stick lengths in practice or ask for recommendations from teammates and coaches to find the ideal stick length for your playing style.


1. How do I determine the right stick length for me?
– Stand straight with your skates on, and the stick’s blade should sit flat on the ice in front of you. When gripping the stick, the knob at the handle should rest in your palm comfortably.

2. Can I use a stick that is too long or too short?
– While it’s possible to use a stick that deviates slightly from the ideal length, extreme lengths can hinder your performance. A stick that is significantly too long or too short may affect your control, shot accuracy, and overall play.

3. Should I consult with a coach or teammates before cutting my stick?
– Consulting with a coach or teammates who are knowledgeable about the game can provide valuable insights and recommendations. They might have experience and advice tailored to your playing style and development.

4. Can I adjust stick length without cutting it?
– Yes, some sticks have extendable options allowing you to adjust the length without cutting. However, keep in mind that altering the length by cutting may lead to a better overall feel and balance of the stick.

5. Does cutting a stick void any warranties?
– Cutting a stick may void the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s essential to check the stick manufacturer’s guidelines before making any modifications.

6. How frequently should I reassess my stick length?
– It’s a good idea to reassess your stick length periodically, especially as you grow or develop new skills. Your stick length could impact your progress and comfort on the ice.

7. Can I experiment with stick lengths in practice before making a decision?
– Absolutely! Practice sessions provide an excellent opportunity to test different stick lengths and see how they affect your game. Experimenting with various lengths can help you find the perfect fit.

Determining whether to cut down a hockey stick involves considering multiple factors, including stickhandling, shooting accuracy, flexibility, personal preference, and playing style. Seek guidance from experienced individuals and test different lengths to find the perfect stick for optimal performance on the ice.