How To Determine The Proper Flex Of A Hockey Stick

How To Determine The Proper Flex Of A Hockey Stick
When it comes to choosing a hockey stick, one important factor to consider is the flex. The flex of a stick determines how it reacts when pressure is applied, which can greatly impact your performance on the ice. Here are five important facts to help you determine the proper flex of a hockey stick:

1. Understanding Flex Ratings: Hockey sticks come with different flex ratings, typically ranging from 40 to 110. The higher the number, the stiffer the stick. Finding the right flex rating for you is crucial for maximizing your shot power and accuracy.

2. Consider Your Position and Play Style: Different positions in hockey require varying levels of stick flex. For example, defensemen usually benefit from stiffer sticks to provide stronger slap shots, while forwards may prefer more flex for quicker release and better handling.

3. Body Weight: Your body weight is a significant factor in selecting the right flex. As a general rule, the flex rating of your stick should be approximately half of your body weight in pounds. For instance, if you weigh 180 pounds, a stick with a flex rating of 90 would be suitable.

4. Shooting Style: Your shooting style plays a crucial role in determining the flex of your hockey stick. If you have a harder shot, selecting a stiffer stick will allow you to generate more power. Conversely, if you rely on quick wrist shots or snapshots, a stick with more flex would be beneficial for loading and unloading the stick quickly.

5. Testing and Experimentation: Ultimately, the best way to find the right flex for you is through testing and experimentation. Try sticks with different flex ratings during practice or shoot arounds to see which one feels the most comfortable and helps you achieve your desired results.


Q1: What happens if I choose a hockey stick with an incorrect flex?
A1: Choosing a stick with the wrong flex can negatively affect your shots, making them less accurate and powerful.

Q2: Is stick flex solely determined by body weight?
A2: While body weight is an important factor, other elements like shooting style, position, and personal preference should also be considered.

Q3: Can I use the same flex rating for different sticks?
A3: Each stick model and brand may have slightly different flex characteristics, so it’s important to test each one individually.

Q4: How can I measure the flex of a hockey stick?
A4: Flex measurements are determined through laboratory testing conducted by stick manufacturers. There is no simple way to measure it yourself without specialized equipment.

Q5: Can I adjust the flex of my stick?
A5: No, the flex rating of a stick is determined during the manufacturing process and cannot be adjusted afterward.

Q6: What if I’m between two different flex ratings?
A6: If you are between two flex ratings, it is generally recommended to go with the stiffer option rather than the more flexible one.

Q7: Can stick flex affect my stickhandling skills?
A7: Yes, stick flex can impact your stickhandling abilities by affecting the feel and responsiveness of the stick.

BOTTOM LINE: Selecting the right flex for your hockey stick is crucial for optimizing your performance on the ice. Consider your position, body weight, shooting style, and experiment with different sticks to find the perfect flex that suits your individual needs.