How To Determine The Flex Of A Hockey Stick

How To Determine The Flex Of A Hockey Stick
Determining the flex of a hockey stick is crucial for players to find the right stick that suits their style of play. The flex of a stick refers to how much it bends when force is applied to it, and it directly affects shooting and puck handling. Here are five supporting facts to help you determine the flex of a hockey stick:

1. Understanding flex ratings: Hockey sticks come with different flex ratings, typically ranging from 40 to 110. The flex rating indicates how much force (in pounds) is required to bend the stick one inch. A lower flex rating means a stiffer stick, while a higher flex rating means a more flexible stick.

2. Assessing your strength: To determine the appropriate flex, you need to evaluate your strength and shooting style. If you are stronger and have a powerful shot, you may benefit from a higher flex rating. On the other hand, if you are not as strong or prefer quick snapshots, a lower flex rating might be more suitable.

3. Considering body weight: Body weight plays a role in choosing the flex of a stick. Heavier players typically require a stiffer stick to generate optimal power, while lighter players may need more flex to maximize their shot velocity.

4. Examining blade lie: Blade lie refers to the angle between the shaft and blade when the stick is placed flat on the ice. The lie affects the load on the shaft, which can impact the results of the flex. Be mindful of finding the right lie for your style of play as it can influence the perceived flex of the stick.

5. Seeking expert advice: If you are unsure about selecting the suitable flex for your needs, it is recommended to consult with a knowledgeable hockey equipment specialist or coach. These professionals can analyze your playing style, strengths, and weaknesses to provide personalized recommendations.


1. Does the flex affect shooting accuracy?
Yes, the flex of a stick influences shooting accuracy. A stick with too much flex for your strength may lead to less control over your shots, while a stick with too little flex might make it difficult to release the puck with accuracy.

2. Is it possible to cut a stick to change its flex?
Cutting a stick affects its length but does not alter its flex rating. Shortening a stick will result in a stiffer flex, while lengthening may provide more flex. Consider this while making adjustments to stick length.

3. Are there any standard guidelines for determining flex based on player attributes?
Although there are general recommendations based on body weight and shot preference, there is no one-size-fits-all guideline for determining the perfect flex. It is essential to try out different flexes and experiment to find the one that suits you best.

4. Is stick flex only crucial for shooting or does it affect other aspects of play?
While stick flex significantly impacts shooting, it also influences puck handling, especially during stickhandling maneuvers and passing. The flex can affect the feel of the puck on your stick and impact your ability to make precise moves.

5. Can I use the same stick flex as my favorite NHL player?
It is possible to use the same stick flex as your favorite NHL player, but keep in mind that stick flex is dependent on individual factors such as strength and playing style. What works for an NHL player may not necessarily work for you. Experimenting with various flexes is crucial to find the most suitable one.

6. Do stick flex ratings differ between brands?
Stick flex ratings are not standardized across different brands. Therefore, a stick with a particular flex rating from one brand may feel different from a stick with the same flex rating from another brand. It’s essential to consider personal feel and feedback from others when selecting a stick.

7. How often should I reassess my stick flex needs?
Reassessing your stick flex needs can be beneficial whenever your playing style changes, your strength and skills develop, or you feel your current stick is not providing the desired results. It’s a good idea to re-evaluate your stick flex periodically.

Determining the flex of a hockey stick involves considering various factors such as strength, body weight, playing style, and individual preferences. Experimentation and seeking expert advice can help you find the appropriate stick flex that maximizes your shooting and puck handling capabilities. Remember that finding the right flex is a personal process, and what works for others may not work for you.