How To Determine Correct Hockey Stick Flex

How To Determine Correct Hockey Stick Flex
Hockey players often find it challenging to determine the appropriate stick flex for optimal performance on the ice. The flex of the stick refers to the amount of bend it undergoes when pressure is applied to it. Choosing the right stick flex is crucial as it directly affects shooting power, accuracy, and overall control. Here are five supporting facts that can help you determine the correct hockey stick flex:

1. Player weight: The weight of the player is an essential factor in selecting the appropriate stick flex. Generally, the higher the player’s weight, the stiffer the stick should be. This is because a heavier player puts more force behind their shots, and a stiffer stick allows for better weight transfer and increased power.

2. Playing style: Different players have varying styles of play that require different stick flexes. For example, forwards who take quick snapshots and wrist shots may benefit from a stick with a lower flex that offers quicker release and more accuracy. Defensemen who take more slap shots often prefer sticks with higher flex for increased power.

3. Height and reach: Consider your height and reach when determining stick flex. Taller players generally have longer sticks and may require a slightly stiffer flex to account for the added leverage. Conversely, shorter players might benefit from a more flexible stick to compensate for their reduced reach.

4. Strength and technique: Your strength and shooting technique play a significant role in stick flex selection. Stronger players may opt for a stiffer stick to harness their power effectively, while players with less strength may prefer a more flexible stick that assists in creating shot velocity.

5. Stick manufacturers’ recommendations: Stick manufacturers often provide guidelines on choosing the correct stick flex based on player attributes such as weight, height, and playing style. While these recommendations can be a good starting point, personal preference and experimentation remain essential factors in finding the perfect stick flex.


1. What is stick flex in hockey?
Stick flex refers to the amount of bend a hockey stick undergoes when pressure is applied to it, specifically during shooting or passing. It is determined by the relationship between the player’s weight, playing style, height, and stick’s construction.

2. How is stick flex measured?
Stick flex is measured by the number on the stick, typically ranging from 40 to 110. This number represents the amount of force required to bend the stick one inch. Higher numbers indicate stiffer flex, while lower numbers indicate a more flexible stick.

3. Can you change the stick flex after purchasing a hockey stick?
No, the stick flex is determined by the stick’s construction and cannot be altered once it is purchased. It is crucial to test various stick flexes before making a purchase to ensure the right fit for your playing style and preferences.

4. What happens if the stick flex is incorrect?
An incorrect stick flex can negatively impact your shooting power and accuracy. If the stick is too stiff, it may result in less power, while a stick that is too flexible can cause inconsistencies in shooting. It is important to find the right balance for optimal performance.

5. Are there any general guidelines for choosing stick flex based on weight?
While there are general guidelines, stick flex selection based on weight can vary depending on the player’s strength, technique, and playing style. It is best to experiment with different flexes and consult with experienced players or coaches for personalized recommendations.

6. Do stick flex guidelines change for youth players?
Yes, stick flex recommendations for youth players may differ from those for adults. As youth players have varying strength levels, stick flexes are generally lower to help with shooting power and technique development. It is crucial to consider the age and strength of the player when choosing stick flex.

7. What if I am still unsure about the correct stick flex for me?
If you are unsure about the correct stick flex, it is beneficial to try out different sticks with varying flexes. Many stores offer stick flex testers that allow you to test the flex before purchasing. Additionally, seeking guidance from knowledgeable coaches or experienced players can provide valuable insights.

Bottom Line:
Determining the correct hockey stick flex is crucial for optimizing performance on the ice. Consider factors such as player weight, playing style, height, reach, strength, and stick manufacturers’ recommendations. Remember that personal preference and experimentation play a significant role in finding the perfect stick flex. Take the time to test out different options and seek advice from experts to enhance your gameplay.