How To Delete A Fantasy Hockey League On Yahoo

Answer:Deleting a fantasy hockey league on Yahoo is a straightforward process. Here are five supporting facts to guide you through the steps:

1. Only the league commissioner has the authority to delete a fantasy hockey league on Yahoo.
2. Make sure you are logged into your Yahoo account before attempting to delete the league.
3. Deleting the league will result in the permanent removal of all league data, including rosters, player statistics, and league history.
4. Once a league is deleted, it cannot be recovered, so ensure you genuinely want to delete it.
5. Deleting a league will also remove it from the list of available leagues on Yahoo’s website and mobile app.


1. How can I find the league I want to delete?
Answer: Log in to your Yahoo account and navigate to the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey page. From there, locate the league in the “My Leagues” section that you wish to delete.

2. Can I delete a league during the middle of the season?
Answer: Yes, you can delete a league at any time, regardless of the stage of the season. However, note that all data and statistics will be permanently lost.

3. Can any league member delete a fantasy hockey league?
Answer: No, only the league commissioner has the authority to delete the league. If you are not the commissioner, you will need to contact them to request the deletion.

4. Will deleting a league remove it from other members’ accounts?
Answer: Yes, once a league is deleted, it will disappear from all league members’ accounts, including the commissioner’s.

5. Is there an alternative to deleting a league if I want to start over?
Answer: Instead of deleting your league, you can consider resetting the league for a fresh start. This option allows you to retain league history and teams while clearing previous season data.

6. Can I undo a league deletion?
Answer: No, once a league is deleted, it cannot be recovered or undone. Make sure to double-check before confirming the deletion.

7. What happens to any purchased league prizes or rewards upon deletion?
Answer: If you have purchased any league prizes or rewards through Yahoo, they will no longer be accessible or refundable upon league deletion.

Deleting a fantasy hockey league on Yahoo requires you to be the league commissioner. Remember that all league data, including rosters and statistics, will be permanently lost. Double-check before deleting a league, as the process cannot be undone.