How To Deke Out The Goalie In Hockey

How to Deke Out the Goalie in Hockey
Dekeing out the goalie in hockey is a skill that every player wants to possess. It can be a thrilling moment when you successfully fake out the goalie and score a goal. Here are five supporting facts to help you master the art of deking out the goalie:

1. Study the goalie’s tendencies: Before attempting any dekes, study the goalie’s habits and tendencies. Watch their positioning, movement patterns, and reactions to different situations. This will give you insight into the best dekeing techniques to use against them.

2. Master stickhandling: Effective deking requires excellent stickhandling skills. You must be able to control the puck with ease, keeping it close to your body while still being able to maneuver it quickly. Practice stickhandling drills regularly to improve this important aspect of dekeing.

3. Use your body as a decoy: The goalie will be closely watching your body movements, trying to anticipate your next move. Use this to your advantage by using your body as a decoy. Make subtle shifts or fake a shot to throw off the goalie’s positioning and create an opening for a deke.

4. Quick hands: A successful deke relies on quick and deceptive hand movements. Practice quick hand fakes and puck transfers to keep the goalie guessing. By moving the puck rapidly from one side to another, you can create openings and confusion in the goalie’s positioning.

5. Utilize changes in speed: Changing your speed can be a highly effective dekeing technique. By suddenly accelerating or decelerating, you can catch the goalie off guard and create a momentary delay in their reactions. This can give you the opportunity to deke around them and have a clear path to the net.

Now, let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about deking out the goalie:

1. How do I know when to deke instead of shooting?
Knowing when to deke instead of shooting comes with experience and reading the goalie’s positioning and reaction. If the goalie is challenging you aggressively, deking might be a better option. However, if there is an opening or the goalie is out of position, taking a shot can be the wiser choice.

2. Are there any specific dekes that are particularly effective?
There are several dekes that can be highly effective, such as the backhand toe drag, forehand-backhand deke, or the between-the-legs deke. Each deke has its advantages and can be useful in different situations. Experiment with different dekes to find the ones that work best for you.

3. How can I practice deking with limited space?
If you have limited space to practice, you can set up cones or obstacles to simulate defenders or the goalie. This will allow you to work on your dekeing skills in a controlled environment. Additionally, practicing with a stickhandling ball or a puck on a smooth surface can help you refine your deking techniques.

4. What should I do if the goalie doesn’t fall for my deke?
If the goalie doesn’t fall for your deke, it’s important to have a backup plan. You can quickly transition into a shot or a pass to a teammate. Alternatively, you can maintain possession of the puck and try another deke if the opportunity presents itself.

5. Are there any risks to deking out the goalie?
While deking out the goalie can be highly rewarding, there are risks involved. If not executed properly, you could lose control of the puck, allowing the goalie to make an easy save or steal the puck. It’s important to practice dekes extensively to minimize these risks.

6. How can I improve my deking skills?
To improve your deking skills, practice regularly. Focus on stickhandling drills, quick hand movements, and practicing different deking techniques. Additionally, studying professional players and their deking techniques can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

7. How important is patience when deking out the goalie?
Patience is crucial when deking out the goalie. Rushing your deke or trying to force a move can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities. Wait for the right moment, read the goalie’s movements, and execute your deke with precision.

BOTTOM LINE: Successfully deking out the goalie in hockey requires studying the goalie’s tendencies, mastering stickhandling, using your body as a decoy, having quick hands, and utilizing changes in speed. Practice regularly, develop different deking techniques, and be patient to improve your chances of successfully faking out the goalie and scoring goals.