How To Deke Hockey Goalie

How To Deke Hockey Goalie
Dekeing a hockey goalie requires skill, finesse, and quick thinking. It’s an essential technique for any hockey player who wants to outsmart the goalie and score goals. Here are five supporting facts to help you deke a hockey goalie effectively:

1. Understand the goalie’s tendencies: Every goalie has their own style and tendencies. Study their previous games or ask teammates for insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will help you anticipate their movements and exploit any vulnerabilities.

2. Use quick lateral movements: Dekeing is all about misdirection. Use quick lateral movements to fake shots or passes and create openings in the goalie’s stance. Make sure your movements are smooth and controlled to keep the goalie off balance and guessing your next move.

3. Utilize head fakes and eye deception: Eye and head movements can be powerful tools in deceiving the goalie. Look in one direction while making your move in another. Combined with quick lateral movements, head fakes and eye deception can make the goalie commit to a particular side, leaving the other side open for your shot.

4. Master stickhandling skills: Strong stickhandling skills are crucial for dekeing a goalie successfully. Practice stickhandling drills to improve your control and dexterity with the puck. The better you can handle the puck, the more deceptive your dekes will be.

5. Practice different deking techniques: There are various deking techniques to choose from, including the toe drag, backhand deke, and the between-the-legs deke, among others. Practice each technique to become proficient in executing them quickly and accurately during a game situation.


1. How do I anticipate a goalie’s movements?
To anticipate a goalie’s movements, watch their previous games or analyze their playing style. Look for patterns and tendencies. Understanding their positioning and reactions to different scenarios will help you anticipate their movements during a game.

2. How can I improve my lateral movement for deking?
To improve your lateral movement, incorporate agility drills into your training routine. Practice quick side-to-side movements, using cones or other obstacles to simulate the goalie’s positioning. Cross-overs, lateral lunges, and quick pivots will help increase your agility and speed.

3. Is stickhandling the most crucial aspect of dekeing?
Stickhandling is indeed a crucial aspect of dekeing. The better control you have over the puck, the more effectively you can deceive the goalie. However, it’s important to combine stickhandling with other techniques like lateral movement, fakes, and shifts in eye focus to maximize your deking potential.

4. Which deking technique is the most effective?
The most effective deking technique depends on the situation and the goalie’s positioning. It’s essential to have a versatile arsenal of deking moves to adapt to different scenarios. Experiment with different techniques during practice and identify the ones that work best for you.

5. How can I practice deking without a goalie?
If you don’t have a goalie available for practice, you can still work on your deking skills. Set up obstacles, such as cones or markers, to simulate the goalie’s positioning. Practice deking around them, focusing on your stickhandling, lateral movement, and overall deception.

6. Is dekeing only useful when approaching the goalie in a one-on-one situation?
While dekeing is commonly associated with one-on-one situations, it can be useful in various scenarios during a game. Whether you’re trying to create space in a crowded offensive zone or outsmarting a goalie during a breakaway, dekeing skills can be valuable in many game situations.

7. What if my deke doesn’t work, and the goalie makes a save?
If your deke doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged. Goalies are skilled at reading players’ movements and making saves. Stay determined and keep trying different deking techniques. It’s important to remember that deking is not a guaranteed goal, but a strategy to increase your chances of scoring.

To deke a hockey goalie effectively, study their tendencies, use quick lateral movements, employ head fakes and eye deception, master stickhandling skills, and practice different deking techniques. Continually develop your deking skills by analyzing the goalie’s movements, improving agility, and incorporating various deking moves into your training routine. Remember, deking is a valuable tool, but not a guarantee for scoring. Stay persistent and adaptable while constantly striving to improve your skills.