How To Deal With Hockey Tryouts

How To Deal With Hockey Tryouts
Hockey tryouts can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with the right mindset and preparation, you can give yourself the best chance of success. Here are five supporting facts to help you deal with hockey tryouts:

1. Stay focused on the present: It’s natural to feel anxious about the outcome of the tryout, but try to stay focused on the task at hand. Pay attention to your performance in each drill or scrimmage and give it your all.

2. Be physically prepared: Prioritize your physical fitness leading up to tryouts. Engage in off-ice training, maintain a healthy diet, and get enough rest to ensure you are in peak condition for the tryouts.

3. Show your skills and strengths: Highlight your unique abilities and strengths during the tryouts. Whether it’s your speed, stickhandling, or shooting accuracy, make sure to showcase what sets you apart from others.

4. Be a team player: Coaches not only evaluate individual skills but also look for players who demonstrate good teamwork and sportsmanship. Show your willingness to communicate, support your teammates, and be a positive presence on the ice.

5. Stay positive and confident: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Don’t dwell on mistakes or let self-doubt creep in. Maintain a positive attitude, even if things don’t go as planned, as coaches appreciate players who can handle adversity.


1. How can I stand out during hockey tryouts?
Answer: To stand out, focus on showcasing your strengths, such as speed, agility, or offensive skills. Be vocal, communicate with teammates, and demonstrate a positive attitude.

2. Is it essential to have prior experience to make the team?
Answer: While prior experience can be an advantage, it is not always a requirement. Coaches often look for potential and a willingness to learn and improve. So even if you’re new to the sport, give it your best effort and show your dedication.

3. How can I calm my nerves before tryouts?
Answer: Take deep breaths, visualize success, and remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve put in. Try listening to music or engage in a pre-tryout routine that helps you relax and focus.

4. Should I focus only on offense or defense during tryouts?
Answer: It’s crucial to show versatility and a well-rounded game during tryouts. While you can emphasize your strengths, make sure to participate in both offensive and defensive drills to demonstrate your overall hockey skills.

5. How much importance do coaches place on off-ice behavior?
Answer: Coaches often value good sportsmanship, discipline, and a positive attitude both on and off the ice. Show respect to coaches, teammates, and officials throughout the tryout process.

6. What if I’m not selected for the team after tryouts?
Answer: Don’t get discouraged. Use the experience as motivation to improve and work on your skills. Consider seeking feedback from the coaches to identify areas for growth and continue pursuing your passion for hockey.

7. Can the way I dress for tryouts impact my chances of making the team?
Answer: While the priority is your performance, dressing appropriately for tryouts by wearing proper hockey gear and team colors can make a good impression. It shows your commitment to the sport and attention to detail.


To succeed in hockey tryouts, stay focused, physically prepared, and showcase your skills and strengths. Be a team player, maintain a positive attitude, and remember that the outcome doesn’t define your worth as a player.