How To Cut Hockey Flow

BOTTOM LINE: Cutting hockey flow is a personal choice, but if you decide to go for it, here are 5 supporting facts to help you out.
1. Understand the concept of hockey flow: Hockey flow refers to the long, flowing hair that protrudes out of the back of a hockey player’s helmet. It has become a signature look for many players, but some may choose to cut it for various reasons.

2. Hygiene and cleanliness: One of the main reasons players cut their hockey flow is for better hygiene and cleanliness. Hockey helmets and long hair can create a sweaty and smelly combination, which can be unpleasant for both the player and their teammates.

3. Safety and comfort: Cutting hockey flow can improve safety and comfort during the game. Hair that hangs out of the helmet can get into the player’s eyes or obstruct their vision, potentially leading to accidents or decreased performance.

4. Ease of equipment use: Without long hair flowing out of the helmet, it becomes easier to wear and remove equipment quickly. This can be particularly beneficial during fast-paced situations such as line changes or penalty kills.

5. Personal preference: Ultimately, the decision to cut hockey flow comes down to personal preference. Some players may simply prefer a more streamlined look, or they may want to switch up their style. It’s important to remember that hair grows back, so it’s not a permanent change.


1. Will cutting my hockey flow affect how teammates perceive me?
Cutting your hockey flow shouldn’t affect how your teammates perceive you as a player. Ultimately, it’s your skills and performance on the ice that matter most.

2. How often should I cut my hockey flow?
The frequency of cutting your hockey flow depends on how fast your hair grows and your personal preference. Some players may prefer to trim it regularly to maintain a shorter length, while others may only cut it when it becomes too long and starts interfering with the game.

3. Can I still have a unique style without hockey flow?
Absolutely! Cutting your hockey flow doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique style. You can experiment with different haircuts, colors, or even accessories to express your individuality.

4. How do I cut my hockey flow?
You can visit a professional hair salon or barbershop to get your hockey flow cut. Bring pictures or explain clearly what you want to the stylist/barber for the best results.

5. How short should I cut my hockey flow?
The length you choose to cut your hockey flow is entirely up to you. Some players may opt for a shorter, more conservative cut, while others may go for a complete buzz. Consider what feels comfortable and aligns with your personal style.

6. Are there any disadvantages to cutting my hockey flow?
The only potential disadvantage of cutting your hockey flow is that you may miss the unique look it gave you. However, this is subjective, and ultimately the advantages of improved hygiene, safety, and comfort generally outweigh this aspect.

7. Can I donate my cut hair to a good cause?
Yes, you can! There are several organizations that accept hair donations, such as Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids. It’s a wonderful way to give back if you decide to cut your hockey flow.

BOTTOM LINE: Cutting hockey flow is a personal decision that can improve hygiene, safety, comfort, and equipment use for players. It is essential to consider personal preference and the practical benefits before making the cut. Remember, it’s your choice, and hair will always grow back!