How To Curve A Floor Hockey Stick

How To Curve A Floor Hockey Stick
Curving a floor hockey stick can greatly improve your stickhandling skills and shot accuracy. Here, we will outline five key steps to help you successfully curve your floor hockey stick.

Supporting Facts:
1. Curving your floor hockey stick allows for better control of the ball and improved stickhandling abilities.
2. A curved stick can enhance your shot accuracy by adding spin and precision to your shots.
3. The curve on a floor hockey stick is achieved by heating the blade and manually shaping it.
4. Different curve patterns have specific effects on the trajectory and control of the ball.
5. It’s essential to practice with your curved stick to develop familiarity and adapt your playing style accordingly.


1. Can I curve any type of floor hockey stick?
Yes, you can curve both wooden and composite floor hockey sticks. However, it is important to note that some composite sticks might not hold the curve as well as wooden sticks.

2. What equipment do I need to curve my floor hockey stick?
To curve your floor hockey stick, you will need a heat source (e.g., heat gun), protective gloves, a heat-resistant surface, and clamps to secure the stick during the process.

3. How do I heat the blade of my floor hockey stick?
Using a heat gun, heat the blade evenly, applying heat for about 2-5 minutes. Keep the heat source at a safe distance to avoid damaging the stick.

4. How do I shape the blade once it’s heated?
While the blade is still hot, place it on a heat-resistant surface and use protective gloves to shape it according to your desired curve pattern. Apply pressure gradually and mold the blade until you achieve the desired shape.

5. How long should I hold the stick in the curved position?
After shaping the blade, quickly place the stick under cold water to cool it down and help it maintain the curved shape. Hold it under cold water for about 1-2 minutes to ensure the blade retains its curve.

6. Can I adjust the curve of my stick later if I’m not satisfied?
Yes, it is possible to adjust the curve of your floor hockey stick if you’re not satisfied with the initial result. Reheat the blade using the heat gun and repeat the shaping process until you achieve the desired curve.

7. Are there specific curve patterns that suit different positions?
While there are no strict rules, some curve patterns may be more advantageous for specific positions. For example, a bigger curve might be beneficial for forwards who frequently shoot, while a shorter curve could help defenders with quick stickhandling and ball control.

Curving a floor hockey stick can significantly enhance your stickhandling skills and shot accuracy. By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully curve your stick and adapt it to your playing style. Remember to practice and experiment with your curved stick to fully maximize its benefits.