How To Create More Scoring Chances In Hockey

How To Create More Scoring Chances In Hockey
Creating more scoring chances in hockey is a key aspect of improving your team’s offensive performance. Here are five supporting facts on how to achieve that goal:

1. Improve puck possession: Maintaining possession of the puck for longer periods increases the likelihood of creating scoring opportunities. Focus on puck control, passing accuracy, and quick decision making to keep the opposing team on their toes.

2. Utilize effective forechecking strategies: Applying pressure on the opposing team’s defense deep in their zone can lead to turnovers and scoring chances. Implementing aggressive forechecking strategies, such as the 2-1-2 or the 1-2-2, can disrupt their breakout plays and create turnovers.

3. Active player movement: Encourage players to constantly move and create open passing lanes. This not only confuses the defense but also opens up opportunities for quick one-timers and tap-ins near the net.

4. Implement effective offensive zone entry tactics: Entering the offensive zone is the first step towards creating scoring chances. Utilize tactics like the dump and chase, the crisscross, or the drop pass to maintain control of the puck and create opportunities against a set defense.

5. Work on shooting accuracy and deception: Shooting accuracy plays a vital role in converting scoring chances. Practice shooting at various angles, distances, and positions on the ice to develop the skill to hit the net consistently. Additionally, incorporate deceptive moves, such as fakes and quick releases, to catch goaltenders off guard.


1. How important is player communication in creating scoring chances?
Effective communication among players is crucial in creating scoring opportunities. Clear and concise communication helps in setting up plays, finding open teammates, and executing quick and efficient passing sequences.

2. What role does the power play play in increasing scoring chances?
The power play provides a significant advantage to the offensive team. It allows them to have an extra player on the ice, increasing the chances of outnumbering the defense and creating high-quality scoring opportunities.

3. Is cycling the puck effective in generating scoring chances?
Cycling the puck involves maintaining possession of the puck along the boards in the offensive zone. It allows players to tire out defenders, open up passing lanes, and create scoring opportunities. It is a valuable tactic when executed properly.

4. How can players improve their decision making to create more scoring chances?
Better decision making comes from experience and recognition of different situations on the ice. Encourage players to watch game footage, study opponents’ tendencies, and practice various game situations to make quicker and more effective decisions leading to scoring chances.

5. Can individual skills impact the creation of scoring chances?
Absolutely. Players with exceptional stickhandling, speed, and agility can often create scoring chances through individual efforts. Skating skills, passing accuracy, and shooting skills all contribute to a player’s ability to create scoring opportunities.

6. How can players exploit defensive gaps to create scoring opportunities?
Identifying and exploiting gaps in the opponent’s defense during transitions or positional breakdowns can create scoring opportunities. Quick passes, off-the-puck movement, and timely rushes into these gaps can catch the defense off guard and generate scoring chances.

7. What role does the coach play in creating more scoring chances?
The coach plays a vital role in developing strategies and tactics that promote offensive creativity and scoring chances. Implementing structured practices, providing feedback, and encouraging players to take calculated risks can positively impact a team’s ability to create scoring opportunities.

BOTTOM LINE: Creating more scoring chances in hockey requires a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork. By improving puck possession, utilizing effective forechecking, and implementing strong offensive tactics, teams can dramatically increase their scoring opportunities and enhance their chances of success on the ice.