How To Craft Hockey Mask Ragnarok Mobile

Hockey Mask in Ragnarok Mobile is an equipment item that can provide protection and enhance your character’s abilities. If you’re eager to craft this item, here are 5 supporting facts to guide you:
1. Crafting Level and Materials: The recipe for the Hockey Mask can only be unlocked once you reach level 10 in the Craft Mastery skill. To craft this item, you’ll need the following materials: 500 Hard Skin, 200 Ice Cube, and 10 Frozen Heart.

2. Obtaining Hard Skin: Hard Skin can be obtained by hunting certain monster types, specifically those classified as Demi-Human. Some examples of monsters that drop Hard Skin include Mavkas, Orc Skeletons, and Evil Drones.

3. Obtaining Ice Cube: Ice Cube is a common drop from monsters classified as Formless, Plant and Insect, such as Flora, Flora Dews, and Giearth. Additionally, you can also obtain Ice Cube by participating in the Night of Destruction event or purchasing it from other players.

4. Obtaining Frozen Heart: Frozen Heart can only be obtained from the MVP monster called Atroce, which spawns in the Clock Tower floor 2. Keep in mind that defeating this powerful monster is no easy task and usually requires a well-coordinated party.

5. Crafting Process: Once you have gathered all the required materials, you can head to the Craftsmanship NPC located in Prontera. Speak with him and select the Craft Equipment option. Look for the Hockey Mask recipe and click on it to start the crafting process. After a certain amount of time, your Hockey Mask will be ready for use!

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about crafting the Hockey Mask:

Q1. Can I buy the Hockey Mask from other players instead of crafting it?
A1. Yes, you can purchase the Hockey Mask from other players through the Exchange or by directly contacting them. However, keep in mind that the price may vary depending on market demand.

Q2. How long does it take to craft the Hockey Mask?
A2. The crafting time for the Hockey Mask varies and depends on your Craft Mastery level. Higher crafting levels reduce the overall crafting time.

Q3. Can I use a different monster drop instead of the recommended ones?
A3. No, the recipe specifically requires the mentioned monster drops. Using different items will not allow you to craft the Hockey Mask.

Q4. Can I gather the required materials in advance and store them?
A4. Yes, you can gather the necessary materials beforehand and store them in your storage. When you’re ready to craft, retrieve the materials and start the crafting process.

Q5. Are there any alternatives to the Hockey Mask with similar effects?
A5. Yes, there are other headgear options with comparable effects, such as the Spiked Mask and Crescent Helm. These alternatives might provide similar benefits if the Hockey Mask is not readily available or too expensive.

Q6. Can I enchant or upgrade the Hockey Mask?
A6. Yes, the Hockey Mask can be enchanted and upgraded like other equipment items in Ragnarok Mobile to further enhance its effects.

Q7. Is the Hockey Mask suitable for all classes?
A7. The Hockey Mask is suitable for most classes due to its well-rounded defensive and offensive stats. However, it’s always recommended to consider your specific playstyle and class requirements when choosing equipment.

Crafting the Hockey Mask in Ragnarok Mobile requires reaching level 10 in Craft Mastery, gathering Hard Skin, Ice Cube, and Frozen Heart from specific monsters, and then using the Craftsmanship NPC in Prontera to craft the item. Alternatively, you may opt to purchase the Hockey Mask from other players. Keep in mind that the crafting time may vary, and there are alternative headgear options with similar effects available in the game. Enjoy your crafting journey and may your character be protected with the Hockey Mask!