How To Choose The Right Hockey Stick Flex

Choosing the right hockey stick flex is crucial for any hockey player. It can significantly impact a player’s shot accuracy, power, and overall performance on the ice. Here are 5 supporting facts to help you make the right choice:
1. Understanding stick flex: Stick flex refers to the amount a hockey stick bends when pressure is applied to it. It is usually measured as a number followed by “stiff” or “flex.” A higher number indicates a stiffer stick with less flex, while a lower number indicates a more flexible stick with more bend.

2. Player’s weight and strength: One important factor in choosing the right stick flex is a player’s weight and strength. Generally, lighter and less strong players should opt for a lower stick flex, while heavier and stronger players should go for a higher flex. This ensures the stick’s flex matches the player’s ability to flex it properly during gameplay.

3. Shooting style: Another crucial consideration is the player’s shooting style. Players who rely more on wrist shots and snap shots, which require quick release and accuracy, often prefer a lower flex. On the other hand, players who primarily take slap shots and rely on power tend to lean towards a higher flex to generate more energy and power behind the shot.

4. Stick length: Stick flex is also affected by the length of the stick. Longer sticks will typically have more flex than shorter ones. Therefore, when choosing your stick flex, it’s important to consider the appropriate stick length for your height and playing style.

5. Testing and personal preference: Ultimately, the best way to determine the right stick flex is through personal testing and preference. Trying out different flex ratings and shooting with them in practice or game situations can help you gauge what feels most comfortable and effective for your individual playing style and techniques.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about choosing the right hockey stick flex:

1. What is the difference between a low and high flex stick?
A low flex stick has more bend, making it ideal for players who prioritize quick release and accuracy. A high flex stick is stiffer, providing more power to shots but sacrificing some flexibility.

2. How can I determine the right stick flex based on my weight?
As a general guideline, players weighing below 150 pounds should consider a stick with a flex rating between 50-70. Players between 150-180 pounds can try a flex rating of 70-85, while heavier players over 180 pounds might benefit from a flex rating of 85 or higher.

3. Is stick flex the same for all positions in hockey?
While there is no hard and fast rule, forwards who focus on quick shots may opt for a lower flex, while defensemen who rely more on slap shots may prefer a higher flex. However, stick flex is ultimately a personal preference that can vary among players of the same position.

4. Can stick flex affect my passing and stickhandling abilities?
Yes, stick flex can impact your passing and stickhandling abilities. A stick with the right flex allows players to better control the puck and pass accurately. A flex that is too high or too low may make it harder to handle the puck and execute precise passes.

5. Can stick flex be adjusted?
No, stick flex cannot be adjusted after the stick is manufactured. It is essential to choose the right flex from the outset, considering your weight, strength, shooting style, and personal preference.

6. What if I’m still unsure about the right stick flex for me?
If you’re unsure about the right stick flex for you, it’s always a good idea to consult with knowledgeable coaches or experienced players who can offer advice based on their expertise. Additionally, visiting a local store and physically trying out different sticks with various flex ratings can provide valuable insights.

7. How often should I reassess my stick flex choice?
It’s a good practice to reassess your stick flex choice as you progress as a player and your weight, strength, shooting style, or preferences change. It’s recommended to reassess and potentially make adjustments every season or as necessary.

Choosing the right stick flex in hockey is a combination of considering your weight, strength, shooting style, stick length, and personal preference. It requires experimentation and testing to find the flex that feels most comfortable and effective for your play. Seek guidance from experts and rely on your own experience to make an informed decision. Remember, stick flex can significantly impact your shot accuracy and power, so it’s worth investing time to find the perfect fit.