How Many Games In An Nhl Hockey Season

The NHL hockey season typically consists of 82 games.
Supporting facts:
1. The NHL regular season usually starts in early October and ends in April.
2. Each NHL team plays a total of 41 home games and 41 away games.
3. The number of games played by each team ensures fairness and equal opportunity for every team to compete for the playoffs.
4. The 82-game schedule allows teams to face each opponent at least twice, once at home and once on the road.
5. The NHL season’s length and number of games provide a balance between player recovery time and maintaining fan interest and excitement throughout the season.


1. Why are there 82 games in an NHL hockey season?
– The NHL has settled on 82 games to provide an adequate number of games for teams to compete fairly and for fans to enjoy the sport throughout the season.

2. Can the number of games in an NHL season vary?
– The NHL tries to maintain consistency in the number of games per season, but in some cases, the league may shorten or extend the regular season due to unforeseen circumstances, such as lockouts or global events.

3. Are there any breaks during the NHL season?
– Yes, the NHL often has breaks in its schedule, such as the All-Star Game and the Christmas break, to provide players with rest and recovery periods.

4. How often do teams face each other during the NHL season?
– In an 82-game season, teams usually face each other at least twice, once at home and once on the road. However, there may be variations depending on the conference and division structure.

5. Why does the NHL regular season last from October to April?
– The October to April regular season allows for a balanced schedule and ensures adequate time for teams to compete for playoff spots while also accommodating necessary breaks and time for player recovery.

6. How do ties affect the number of games in an NHL season?
– Ties were abolished in the NHL after the 2004-2005 lockout, and instead, a shootout determines the winner. Shootouts do not affect the total number of games played in a season.

7. Do playoff games count towards the total number of games played by NHL teams?
– No, the playoffs are a separate competition from the regular season, and the total number of games played during the playoffs does not contribute to the 82-game regular season count.

BOTTOM LINE: NHL teams play 82 games in a regular season, providing a balance between fair competition, player recovery time, and fan interest. This consistent number of games allows teams to face each opponent at least twice while maintaining the integrity of the schedule.