How Many D1 Hockey Schools Are There

There are 61 Division 1 hockey schools in the United States.
Supporting Facts:
1. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) recognizes Division 1 as the highest level of collegiate athletics.
2. Division 1 hockey programs are typically located in states with a prominent hockey culture, such as Minnesota, Michigan, and Massachusetts.
3. Many Division 1 hockey schools are part of well-known universities with strong academic reputations.
4. The level of competition in Division 1 hockey is highly competitive, with many players eventually going on to play professionally.
5. Division 1 hockey schools offer scholarships to talented athletes, attracting top-tier players from across the country and internationally.


1. Can you provide examples of Division 1 hockey schools?
– Some examples of Division 1 hockey schools include Boston University, University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, and Boston College.

2. How many conferences are there in Division 1 hockey?
– There are six conferences in Division 1 hockey: Atlantic Hockey, Big Ten, ECAC Hockey, Hockey East, National Collegiate Hockey Conference (NCHC), and Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA).

3. How many games do Division 1 hockey teams play in a season?
– Division 1 hockey teams typically play around 36 games in a regular season, not including conference or postseason tournaments.

4. What is the Frozen Four?
– The Frozen Four is the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Ice Hockey Championship tournament, where the four remaining teams compete for the national title.

5. Are there any Division 1 hockey schools outside of the United States?
– No, all Division 1 hockey schools are located within the United States.

6. Can women play Division 1 hockey?
– Yes, there are also Division 1 women’s hockey programs available for female athletes.

7. How competitive is Division 1 hockey?
– Division 1 hockey is extremely competitive, with some of the top young players in the country and internationally vying for spots on these teams. The level of play is highly skilled and fast-paced.

There are 61 Division 1 hockey schools in the United States, with highly competitive programs attracting top-tier players and offering scholarships. These schools are known for their strong academic reputations and are located in states with a prominent hockey culture. The season consists of around 36 games, and the championship tournament is called the Frozen Four. Division 1 hockey is open to both male and female athletes, and the competition level is exceptionally high.