How Many Countries Play Hockey In The World

Answer:Hockey is a popular sport played across the world, with several countries embracing the game and participating in international competitions. Here are five supporting facts about the number of countries playing hockey:

1. International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF): The IIHF is the governing body for ice hockey and inline hockey worldwide. It currently consists of 81 member associations, representing 81 countries and territories.

2. Olympic participation: Hockey is a part of the Winter Olympics, and numerous countries send their teams to compete in the tournament. In the most recent Winter Olympics held in 2018, 14 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams participated.

3. World Championships: The IIHF organizes annual ice hockey World Championships, which regularly see participation from a large number of countries. In 2021, 16 teams competed in the men’s tournament, while 10 teams participated in the women’s tournament.

4. Development programs: Many countries have active development programs for hockey, which aim to introduce the sport to new regions and increase participation. These programs contribute to the growing number of countries embracing hockey.

5. Non-IIHF affiliated countries: Although the IIHF recognizes 81 member associations, there are still countries that play hockey but are not officially part of the federation. Some of these countries include Ireland, China, India, and the United Arab Emirates.


1. Which country has the most hockey players?
Canada has the most hockey players, with the sport deeply embedded in their culture. A significant percentage of all NHL players come from Canada.

2. How many countries play field hockey?
Field hockey, a variant of hockey played on grass or turf, is popular in many countries. According to the International Hockey Federation (FIH), over 150 countries play field hockey.

3. Is hockey popular in the United States?
While ice hockey may not be as popular as some other sports in the United States, it has a significant following, particularly in northern states. The NHL (National Hockey League) is a major professional ice hockey league in North America.

4. Are there any dominant countries in international hockey?
Canada has traditionally been a dominant force in international ice hockey, with numerous successes in Olympic and World Championship tournaments. Other strong hockey nations include Russia, Sweden, Finland, and the United States.

5. Is hockey more popular in Europe or North America?
Hockey has a strong presence in both Europe and North America. While North America has a higher number of professional leagues and players in the NHL, European countries like Russia, Sweden, Finland, and Czech Republic hold a strong passion for the sport.

6. Can smaller countries compete in international hockey?
Yes, smaller countries often compete in international hockey tournaments. While they may not have the same resources or talent pool as larger nations, they can still produce competitive teams and occasionally achieve notable victories.

7. Does hockey have a significant following in Asia?
While hockey may not be as popular in Asia compared to other continents, there are notable exceptions. Countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and Japan have developed strong hockey programs and have achieved international success.

Hockey is played in a large number of countries worldwide, with the sport enjoying varying levels of popularity and success across different regions. Through international competitions and development programs, hockey continues to grow and expand its reach to new countries and players.